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The Unexpected Twist of Athleisure Sweaters

Are athleisure sweaters even a thing? Yes, as long as it’s paired the right way. We’ll explore several types of sweaters, including crewnecks, pullovers, shawl necks, cashmere, and casual cardigans. Yes, cardigans. We’ll explore how these sweaters can make a more complete and unique athleisure collection.

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Slide into our FAQs and learn about men’s athleisure sweaters, from brands like Everlane to Reigning Champ, tailored for fitness and leisure. These sweaters are crafted from materials that offer breathability, stretch, and moisture management, perfect for indoor or outdoor activities.
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Top men’s athleisure sweaters brands include Everlane, On Running, Outdoor Voices, Lululemon, tasc Performance, Ten Thousand, All in Motion, Proof, and Reigning Champ.
Are there athleisure sweaters suitable for gym and casual use?
Brands like Patagonia and Outdoor Voices offer athleisure sweaters that are ideal for outdoor activities, combining style with performance.
Athleisure sweaters for men are often made from breathable, stretchable, and moisture-wicking materials to provide comfort and flexibility.
Brands like Patagonia are known for their commitment to environmental responsibility, offering eco-friendly options in their athleisure wear.
Sizing can vary between brands, so you must check the specific sizing chart of the brand you’re interested in and measure yourself accordingly.
Brands like Hoka and On Running offer athleisure sweaters designed for running, focusing on lightweight and breathable materials.
Some athleisure sweaters, especially those from brands like Ash & Erie and Miizzen+Main, offer a dope design that can be paired with more formal wear for a smart casual look.
The price range for men’s athleisure sweaters varies widely, from affordable options like All in Motion to higher-end brands like Lululemon and Vuori.
Care instructions vary, but generally, it’s recommended to wash athleisure sweaters in cold water, avoid bleach, and tumble dry low or lay flat to dry to maintain quality.

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