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Athleisure Pants: The Champions of Everyday Comfort and Style

Athleisure pants have expanded in popularity since 2020. We’re spotlighting pants from some of the best athleisure brands in the world–Vuori, BYLT Basics, Cuts Clothing, Public Rec, and many more. Each style balances dope design and practicality, proving that fashion can keep up with function, no matter the day’s playbook.

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Explore our FAQ section for insights on men’s athleisure pants. Understand the differences between athleisure and traditional sweatpants and discover the brands leading the way in quality and style, such as Vuori, Lululemon, Public Rec, and Rhone.
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Men’s athleisure pants like the All Day Every Day Pant from Public Rec offer versatility with their breathable, moisture-wicking blend of spandex and nylon​​. They are comfortable, too.
Can athleisure pants be suitable for office wear?
Are there eco-friendly men’s athleisure pants available? Brands like Vuori offer athleisure pants made with sustainable materials, such as the Ponto Performance Pant, made from 89% recycled materials, DreamKnit™.
Key features include comfort, durability, breathability, sweat-wicking properties, quick-drying capabilities, and stretchiness for ease of movement​​.
Men’s athleisure pants often offer a more tailored fit and stylish designs than traditional sweatpants, making them suitable for a broader range of activities beyond just working out​​. Many business professionals wear athleisure pants to work, events, and business travel.
Men’s athleisure pants brands include Lululemon, Public Rec, BYLT Basics, Cuts, Clothing, Vuori, Everlane, prAna, DUER, and Rhone, known for high quality and dope style​​​​.
Yes, brands like Ten Thousand and ASRV focus on athleisure pants built with performance in mind, offering lightweight and functional designs suitable for active lifestyles​​.
Merino wool pants are the ultimate choice for winter. They are naturally thermo-regulating, breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, and anti-odor, making them ideal for everyday travel during the colder months. Brands like Unbound Merino have enhanced their Merino wool pants with additional stretch, providing extra comfort for any journey, whether on the road or in the air.
Many athleisure pants are designed with fashion in mind and can be seamlessly integrated into streetwear outfits, offering both style and comfort​​.
Yes, some athleisure pants like Vuori’s Meta Pant offer UPF protection, making them a smart choice for outdoor activities while protecting from the sun’s rays​​.

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