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American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Legends Clothing & Apparel was established in 2018 by Chip Neff and Scott Hochstadt in Los Angeles, California. Hochstadt, with his experience in founding a lacrosse lifestyle brand, and Neff, the former CMO of the Neff headwear brand, shared a vision to develop a premium performance and lifestyle apparel brand tailored for the modern athlete.

The brand’s early growth was marked by strategic partnerships and endorsements from high-profile athletes and celebrities like Quavo, Matt Barnes, and Steve Nash. This infusion of star power gave Legends an immediate boost in visibility and appeal. The brand found particular success with its versatile shorts and hoodies, which struck a balance between athletic functionality and streetwear fashion. Legends engaged in limited-edition merchandise collaborations to further build their brand hype, including partnerships with figures like Quavo.

By 2022, Legends had achieved significant milestones, securing $7 million in funding to support its expansion initiatives. This financial backing focused on diversifying their product offerings with new categories like swimwear and women’s apparel. The brand set ambitious targets to double its sales from $16 million in 2021 to over $30 million in 2023. This growth trajectory positioned Legends firmly as a key player in the premium athletic and lifestyle apparel market, showcasing their commitment to innovation and ability to resonate with contemporary consumer trends.






Los Angeles, CA, US

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