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Who Owns Legends Clothing?

Who Owns Legends Clothing?

Legends Clothing is an LA-based clothing brand founded by Scott Hochstadt.

Legends has evolved from sportswear into a lifestyle brand, blurring the lines between sports, culture, fitness, and fashion. The brand is known for its partnerships and is backed by celebrities and athletes such as Quavo, Baker Mayfield, Matt Barnes, and Steve Nash.

Interview with Legends CEO, Scott Hochstadt

These partnerships have significantly shaped the brand’s evolution, contributing to its unique approach and identity in the men’s activewear and lifestyle market​.

From high school, Scott had a passion for sports and design and aspired to start his apparel line. Coming from an entrepreneurial background, with his father working at Champion Sportswear, Scott played lacrosse at the University of Maryland before recognizing an opportunity to grow the sport and business on the West Coast. 

The idea for Legends originated from Scott’s sports and design experience. By building relationships with celebrity athletes and entertainers, Scott secured partners to support and invest in the concept of a lifestyle brand, blurring lines across sports, culture, fitness, and fashion.

Recently moving from CEO to Chief Creative Officer, Scott aims to focus more on creativity, design, and brand building, empowering his team to manage operations.

Core values for the company include humility, fearlessly taking risks, creating culturally defining moments, and “don’t talk about it, be about it” when executing ideas. Upcoming plans involve further partnerships in music, growing their female athlete apparel, and telling more stories of their athlete partners.

One of my favorite pieces from Legends is the Hawthorne Tech Hoodie. I have the Black and Gray Heather one.


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