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Lululemon Review: Check This Collection

Lululemon Review: Check His Collection! πŸ‘–

In the video below, Alex Nicoll provides an in-depth review of his personal Lululemon collection. He offers advice about fit and function and explores various Lululemon pieces. He praises the brand’s overall comfort and style while noting a few drawbacks of certain items. Nothing major, though.

Lululemon Video Review

Here’s a breakdown of his Lululemon collection.

ABC Slim-Fit 5 Pocket Pant

Alex kicks off his review by spotlighting his ABC slim-fit pants collection. He loves the design and breathable material, which transitions from casual wear to formal events like weddings. The relaxed fit of tapered trousers also earns applause for its baggy yet tapered cut, which looks sharp while feeling like sweatpants.

However, his first true Lululemon love is the Pace Breaker short, which he owns in multiple colors and lengths. But his preference has shifted to the license to train shorts for intense gym sessions, praising their durable fabric and tapered fit that allows free movement.

The matching license to teach joggers is similarly lauded for their soft, lightweight feel and slim fit. On the other hand, Alex finds the Surge joggers overly loose-fitting for his tastes.

Pace Breaker Shorts

Surge Jogger

The metal vent and textured training shirts offer versatility for gym tops, but Alex wishes the relaxed training shirts were slightly longer. He swears by the high-performance dry sense tee. The at-ease line, comprising shorts, shirts, and a jacket, garners praise for its elevated yet laidback comfort.

Beyond activewear, Alex endorses the commission seven-inch shorts and ripstop bowline five-inch shorts for their chino-esque and casual durability, respectively. He enthusiastically recommends Lululemon underwear and socks despite the latter causing occasional sweaty feet.

Alex suggests the commission sleeve, relaxed long-sleeve button-up, summer-appropriate airing easy camp collar, and short-sleeve shirt for dressier athleisurewear. Despite its steep price, the Wonder Puff Utilitech jacket is Alex’s luxury winter pick.

Wunder Puff Jacket

Alex concludes by wholeheartedly recommending Lululemon men’s apparel for its balance of style, performance, and versatile wearability across occasions. In his experience, it remains a trustworthy one-stop shop.


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