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American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

In the early years, Lululemon Apparel focused on making high-quality athletic apparel and gear for women during yoga classes. Based on consistent positive customer feedback and demand, Lululemon steadily expanded its product line over the 2000s to include athletic wear catered for running, cycling, and other sweat-inducing workouts. During this period of expansion, Lululemon concentrated on grassroots marketing and building authentic community connections in the broader yoga and fitness worlds. This genuine outreach helped drive substantial brand awareness and loyalty amongst Lululemon’s growing consumer base.

Lululemon began expanding internationally in the early 2010s, opening several retail locations in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom to introduce the brand globally. Lululemon went public in 2007, and the influx of investment capital funded wider distribution chains and accelerated growth. By 2013, Lululemon operated over 200 retail locations worldwide.

Today, Lululemon Apparel continues to expand its technical athleticwear offerings globally across over 500 stores in 20 countries. As of 2020, Lululemon’s annual sales surpassed $4 billion as the athleisure wear pioneer employed over 20,000 people. Despite such rapid growth in recent decades, Lululemon remains committed to its founding roots of designing and producing quality gear catered specifically for sweat-inducing workouts and concentrating marketing efforts on creating authentic community connections.






Vancouver, Canada

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