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Vuori vs Lululemon Brand Review

Vuori vs Lululemon: Comparing the Titans of Athleisure Wear

Vuori and Lululemon are two of the leading athleisure brands in the world. Well, they at least get most of the media attention, and rightfully so.

Lululemon is a legacy brand and was the first to market to capture the loyalty of fitness enthusiasts and style-conscious consumers. Meanwhile, Vuori has slowly crept up the brand hierarchy and is now valued at $4 Billion.

Despite their contrasting roots, these brands continually redefine activewear with relentless innovation and design, embodying how modern men want to live and dress. Both brands have expanded their clothing line for both men and women. Smart move.

These Brands Are Leading the Pack

Athleisure has exploded over the past decade. It’s quietly become a crowded market, with other apparel brands launching new and innovative collections.

But Lululemon and Vuori have risen above, each carving out a distinct niche. Vuori is known for its performance-first approach, crafting gear perfect for high-intensity workouts and outdoor adventures. Lululemon, with its iconic yoga pants and diverse jogger line, blends hardcore training with casual comfort.

Choosing between these two brands is all about what you need and what you like—Vuori’s rugged, ready-for-anything gear or Lululemon’s blend of technical sophistication and everyday ease. Either way, you’re stepping into the best in the business.

Vuori’s Ponto Performance Pants stand out with their four-way stretch fabrics that allow unrestricted movement, anti-odor tech, and a sleek, no-nonsense fit. See below and you’ll understand what we mean.

On the other hand, Lululemon’s ABC joggers are all about understated style, with ample side pockets and a sharp fit that tapers at the ankle. These pieces showcase each brand’s distinct blend of aesthetic vision, fabric innovation, and meticulous attention to detail.

Vuori vs Lululemon: Breaking Down The Products

When you’re sizing up the heavyweights of athleisure wear, a deep dive into their product lines is non-negotiable. This breakdown highlights how Lululemon and Vuori flex their fabric tech and design prowess to meet consumer demand.

Who’s The King of Versatility

Vuori knows exactly what you want. They offer various colorways, styles, and sizes, ensuring everyone finds their fit. Their gear is designed to transition from hardcore workouts to casual hangouts.

Lululemon, on the other hand, is all about high-tech fabrics engineered to elevate your workout. They’ve developed exclusive materials that optimize performance, from intense training sessions to marathons and yoga. Their relentless innovation in textile technology keeps them at the forefront of the activewear game, earning them a global army of advocates and brand sponsorships.

The Lululemon Soft Jersey Half Zip clearly shows this commitment to performance and fabric technology.

Head-to-Head: What Sets Them Apart

Both brands excel in their arenas. Vuori’s strength lies in its adaptable designs that fit any activity, offering unmatched variety in sizing and color. Lululemon’s edge comes from cutting-edge fabrics that enhance comfort and performance across various workouts.

Vuori is your go-to for versatile activewear that fits every part of your day. At the same time, Lululemon is the choice for those seeking high-performance fabrics that take your workout to the next level. This distinct focus underscores each brand’s unique philosophy and appeal in the activewear market.

Dissecting Quality and Durability

Lululemon and Vuori don’t just talk about quality and durability; they deliver across all fronts. These brands are built to endure the most demanding training sessions and still look sharp after years of use. Vuori’s Performance Waffle Zip Hoodie is a modern athletic fit for layering, ensuring it works at the gym, work, or anything in between.

Lululemon keeps its edge with high-performance textiles and seamless construction. Their supportive, compressive fabrics offer muscle stability during explosive movements, creating the gold standard for intense training apparel.

Vuori focuses on a blend of softness and comfort, perfect for daily wear and lighter workouts. But don’t mistake comfort for weakness. Vuori’s strategic use of high-strength fabrics and resilient bonding ensures their gear stays strong and performs through countless wears.

Ultimately, whether you’re pushing limits or just living your day-to-day, Vuori and Lululemon offer top-tier activewear that stands up to whatever you throw.

Style and Design: Fashion Versus Function

When you’re sizing up the giants of activewear like Lululemon and Vuori, their approach to blending style with performance is critical. Both brands nail the fashion-forward fitness look, but their design philosophies diverge in interesting ways.

Vuori: Athletic and Modern

Vuori’s catalog screams breezy coastal vibes, instantly taking you to a sunny Californian beach. Their designs feature vibrant colors, contemporary cuts for movement, and fabrics that maximize ventilation and flexibility. Perfect for outdoor adventures, Vuori’s gear is as stylish as it is functional.

Though relatively new, Vuori has quickly become a favorite for design-conscious outdoor athletes. They offer durable, good-looking products that seamlessly blend urban fashion with the demands of an active lifestyle. Take a look at Vuori’s Coronado Hoodie and Coronado Pants to see the athletic and modern integration.

Lululemon: Timeless and Classic

Lululemon, on the other hand, sticks to its roots with versatile classics. Their luxe fabrics and perfectly cut fit draw from the golden age of fitness apparel. Catering to everyone from yogis to runners, Lululemon creates wardrobe essentials that inspire loyalty.

Their upscale athletic apparel works just as well in a hot yoga class as on a weekend trail run. By combining fashion-forward cuts with high-performance textiles, Lululemon perfectly balances aesthetics and utility. For example, imagine pairing the Steady State Joggers and Cityverse Sneakers, and maybe you’ll understand this balance.

The Verdict

Vuori’s unapologetically modern designs with athletic undertones contrast sharply with Lululemon’s timeless classics. This difference in design principles highlights the unique essence of each brand. Whether you’re after Vuori’s fresh, coastal cool or Lululemon’s enduring elegance, both brands deliver top-notch activewear that looks as good as it performs.

Fit and Sizing: Nailing the Perfect Fit

When shopping for activewear online, getting the right size is everything. Vuori and Lululemon know this, offering diverse sizing to fit every body type, from petite to athletic.

Vuori’s Size Inclusivity

Vuori gets it right with sizes from XXS to XXL. They cater to everyone, ensuring their gear fits like a glove and moves with you. Vuori even nails it for the petite crowd with adjusted small sizes and shorter lengths, allowing you to move without annoying bunching or dragging.

Lululemon’s Precision Fit

Lululemon takes it a notch higher, offering women’s sizes from 0-20 and men’s from XS-XXL. They also provide different inseam lengths and athletic cuts, ensuring their gear fits perfectly, whether you’re slender or have an athletic build. If you need extra length or a more contoured fit, Lululemon has got you covered.

In the end, both brands excel in offering inclusive sizing, but Lululemon’s attention to personalized fit sets them apart. Whether you’re looking for a snug fit or extra room, they have the solution tailored to your needs.

Lululemon vs. Vuori: Real Talk on Customer Reviews

When you pit these two athleisure brands against each other, the real insights come from those who wear the gear daily. Let’s decode the feedback from their loyal fanbases to see what’s hot and what’s not.

Lululemon: The Fitness Purist’s Dream

Lululemon is the go-to for fitness die-hards who need gear that can handle a grueling hike, a sprint session, or a hot yoga flow. Customers rave about the durability, perfect fit, and overall quality of their high-performance fabrics and ergonomic designs. However, not everyone is thrilled with their sizing options, and the premium price tag can be a turn-off for some.

Vuori shines in the versatility department, blending comfort with style that works in the gym, on a hike, or just lounging around. Customers love their ethical sourcing and eco-friendly fabrics. But if you’re looking for hardcore training gear, Vuori might not be your top pick.

See below customer verbatim reviews.

Love my Lululemon joggers. They look great, fit better than any other pair I own, and are incredibly comfortable. The shorter length sizing is an added plus!


5th pair of Vuori Joggers …. I wear them to work, to the gym, golf course and just about everywhere else . The most comfortable pair of pants I’ve ever had.


Customer reviews are great. But let’s watch one so we can hear first hand.

Lululemon vs Vuori Joggers Review: Which One Comes Out On Top?

You have to watch this video on the New Dad’s YouTube channel. It’s on point. Jon compares two popular athleisure joggers: the Vuori Sunday Performance Jogger and the Lululemon ABC Jogger.

The video breaks down these joggers across several categories, providing thoughtful observations for those interested in buying a pair or two … or three or four.

If you don’t have time to watch the full video, here are the key takeaways:

  • Fabric and Comfort: Both are stretchy, lightweight fabrics designed for performance and comfort. However, Vuori uses a smoother, Nike dry-fit style fabric, while Lululemon has a silkier feel.
  • Fit and Sizing: Lululemon offers multiple fit types to suit different bodies. However, finding the ideal combination of skinny legs and short inseam proves difficult, showing the need for inclusive sizing.
  • Styling Features: Vuori incorporates fashionable touches like faux zippers and cuffs. Lululemon opts for subtler branded details. Logo size and placement are both discussed.
  • Utility: Zippered pockets and ankle cuffs enhance usefulness for sports and leisure. But the relaxed jogger style falls short of business casual office attire.
  • Value: Despite premium pricing of over $100 for each, imperfect fit compromises the worth. Precise measurements matter significantly for higher-end athletic wear.

Enjoy the video, and show some love to the New Dads YouTube channel by liking, commenting, sharing, and subscribing. Read more about Vuori Clothing and check your fit with our product spotlights.

Sustainability and Ethical Practices

In today’s world, sustainability is no longer optional—it’s a must. Both Vuori and Lululemon are making moves, but let’s break down who’s truly walking the talk.

Vuori: The Eco-Disruptor

Vuori is the new kid on the block, but they’ve built sustainability into their DNA. They’re not just talking about being green—they’re living it. Vuori offsets 100% of its carbon emissions and uses recycled fibers and eco-friendly dyes in over 75% of its fabrics. They also enforce strict ethical sourcing guidelines to ensure fair labor practices and safe working conditions. It’s not just marketing fluff; it’s the real deal.

Lululemon: The Veteran’s Green Shift

Lululemon, with its long-standing presence, faces the challenge of overhauling a massive operational ecosystem. While they’re making strides—like using recycled yarns for 20% of their fabrics and launching renewable energy programs—they’re still playing catch-up. Their efforts are commendable, but Vuori’s been ahead of the curve from day one.

Finding the Best of Both Worlds

When choosing between Lululemon and Vuori, why settle for just one? Lululemon dominates high-performance athletic wear, perfect for those intense training sessions. Their fabrics and ergonomic designs are built to withstand the toughest workouts.

Vuori, on the other hand, excels in everyday versatility, sustainability, and value. Whether you’re hitting a casual workout, hiking on the weekends, or just chilling around town, Vuori’s gear feels like an upgrade to your favorite tee and joggers. Their commitment to ethical manufacturing and eco-friendly fabrics makes them stand out.

So, is Vuori better than Lululemon? It depends on your needs. For high-performance and intense training, Lululemon is likely your best bet. For all-around comfort, versatility, and a focus on sustainability, Vuori stands out. Ultimately, incorporating both brands into your wardrobe might just offer you the best of both worlds.


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