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Grooming in Athleisure is About Looking Good, Feeling Good, and Smelling Good

Grooming is more than upkeep and deodorant. It reflects personal style and pride and builds confidence, too. We dive into the essentials of men’s grooming—hair care, skin care, and colognes that keep you in peak condition year-round. We highlight the top products from brands like Huron, Cremo, Manscaped and Oars & Alps.

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Dive into our FAQs to refine your daily routine. Uncover why exfoliating is critical to smooth skin, the benefits of toners and serums for targeted skincare, and the rejuvenating effects of face masks. Learn the optimal hair washing frequency to preserve natural oils, clarify shampoo for a clean scalp, and choose the right deodorant.
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Exfoliating helps remove dead skin cells and can prevent ingrown hairs. Exfoliating once a week is recommended, as daily exfoliation can be harsh on the skin​​.
How can toners benefit men’s skincare routine?
Serums are concentrated moisturizers that target specific skin issues like wrinkles or dark spots. They’re lighter than traditional moisturizers and can be used alone or with other skincare products​​.
Face masks can draw out impurities and replenish moisture, especially for addressing skin concerns like breakouts or dryness. They come in various forms, including clay and sheet masks​​.
Washing hair too frequently can strip it of natural oils. It’s generally recommended to wash hair every 2-3 days or less regularly, depending on how dirty it gets​​.
Men produce more sebum, making clarifying shampoos vital in removing product buildup and excess oil. They should be used once or twice a month, followed by a conditioner to restore moisture​​.
Using a natural deodorant lasting at least 24 hours can keep you smelling fresh without the harmful effects of parabens and aluminum in some drugstore brands​​.
Proper beard care, including beard oil and wax, helps encourage growth, maintain appearance, and keep the beard neat​​.
Bald men should use anti-dandruff shampoo and a good moisturizer to prevent dryness and dandruff, ensuring the scalp remains healthy and hydrated​​.
Keeping eyebrows trimmed enhances facial symmetry, while maintaining fresh breath is essential for overall hygiene and making a good impression​​.

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