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Henleys: The Understated Hero in Men's Athleisure

Henleys bring a subtle sophistication to any athleisure collection. We’ll dive into some of the top athleisure brands known to man–BYLT Basics, Cuts Clothing, and more. From classic cotton to performance blends, Henleys are versatile for every situation—dinner with the fellas or date night without the kids.

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Slide into our FAQs and learn all you need to know about Henley shirts, from their design and ideal fit to the best fabrics and care instructions. Discover the versatility of Henley shirts for layering and styling for various occasions, including tips for formal wear. Learn how to maintain your Henley shirt, choose colors, pair it with pants for different looks, and incorporate them under jackets to elevate your style.
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A Henley shirt is a collarless pullover shirt with a button placket below the round neckline. It is available in short or long sleeves.
How should a Henley shirt fit?
Henley shirts are available in various fabrics, including lightweight cotton, wool blends, flannel, and synthetic blends. The fabric choice can dictate the shirt’s comfort, breathability, and suitability for different seasons.
Yes, Henley shirts are ideal for layering. They can be worn on their own for a casual look, layered over a t-shirt, under a button-down shirt, or paired with cardigans and jackets for added warmth and style versatility.
While Henley shirts are typically casual, they can be styled for semi-formal occasions. Pairing a Henley with slacks, a sharp cardigan, or a nice sweater can elevate its simple nature, especially when accessorized with leather shoes and a belt.
Henley shirts should be washed in cold water with mild detergent. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric, and either hang it dry or use a low-tumble dry setting. Iron on low heat when necessary to maintain the shirt’s appearance.
Henley shirts are available in various colors, from neutrals like black, white, and grey to brighter tones like red, blue, and yellow. The preferred color depends on individual style and the desired appearance for various events.
Henley shirts pair well with various pants, including jeans, chinos, and slacks. The versatility of Henley shirts allows them to complement casual, semi-casual, or even semi-formal attire.
Yes, Henley shirts work exceptionally well under jackets of various styles, including leather, denim, and bombers. They add a layer of casual sophistication to the outfit and are suitable for different occasions.
Definitely! Henley shirts are in style, thanks to their design and versatility. They are a staple in men’s fashion, suitable for casual and dressy occasions.

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