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Brand Profile

Founded in 2014 by Jay Barton, California-based athletic apparel company ASRV arose from Barton’s frustration with the lack of quality, functional activewear. Barton’s background in founding startups and attending design school shaped ASRV’s inception as a durable, vintage-inspired fitness brand.

ASRV’s philosophy is centered around developing durable apparel to meet the demanding needs of athletes, focusing on technical precision. Manufactured by their South Korean production team featuring specialized mills and expert craftsmanship, ASRV pioneers high-performance gear and premium fabrics, setting rigorous standards in quality and innovation.

When COVID-19 hit, Barton predicted hardship for ASRV clothing amidst economic uncertainty. However, ASRV thrived as athleisure demand surged with the rise of remote work. Comfort became essential, and stretchy activewear prevailed. ASRV rapidly responded, releasing popular stretch-fabric masks—selling 3,000 in minutes.

Forgoing traditional retail, ASRV clothing reached cult-like status via social media and celebrity/athlete co-signs. On Instagram, their following exceeds 1.2 million. ASRV keeps progressing by integrating technologies like durable Kevlar and antibacterial treatments, advancing performance and protection. Their forward-thinking, athlete-centric approach propels ASRV into the future of technical activewear.






Carlsbad, Ca, USA

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