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ASRV is the Dopest Sportswear Brand in the World, Hands Down

ASRV is the Dopest Sportswear Brand in the World, Hands Down

As a long-time customer of ASRV, my biased take is rooted in consistent satisfaction with their products. Hands down.

Whenever I wear an ASRV piece out in public, questions and compliments fly in faster than a Steph three-pointer. The question I get the most is, “What does ASRV stand for?”

ASRV’s appeal is how they integrate high-performance athletic gear with urban street style reminiscent of classic 80s B-Boy fashion. Their minimalist designs emphasize practical functionality while also exuding the urban aesthetic of streetwear.

Table: Sportswear and Streetwear Commonalities

ASRV also keeps its finger on the pulse of current trends – incorporating relevant fabrics, fits, and colorways into its pieces like a team studying game film. This integration of fashionable stylistic elements from streetwear ensures their apparel maintains a culturally relevant edge.

The versatility of their gear is another key strength. ASRV’s products transition smoothly from deadlifts to coffee with the fellas. I haven’t found a piece from their collection that I would wear into the office, except for the Tech-Terry Paneled Quarter Zip. But I’m sure that could change as their designs continue to evolve. 

By fusing technical athletic engineering with of-the-moment street style, ASRV also bridges overlapping fitness and fashion crowds.

ASRV sportswear encapsulates the modern intersection of active living and social expression. Through sharp design that blends these worlds, they create versatile sportswear that resonates with today’s health and style-conscious consumers. While the sportswear game has no shortage of players, ASRV breaks free of the pack by infusing authentic influences from both athletic and streetwear domains.

My Top ASRV Picks 

Here’s a breakdown of my top picks from ASRV. Keep reading below to see the details.

Tech-Terry™ Paneled Quarter Zip

The Tech-Terry Q-Zip is a warm and versatile layer for transitional climates. This quarter zip’s main body is made from Tech-Terry™ material, a blend of 88% Cotton, 10% Polyester, and 2% Spandex, offering natural breathability and four-way stretch. The shoulder panels are crafted from 100% Nylon, providing water resistance for light rain protection and featuring a unique wave dye for a distinct look on each garment. 

The high mock neck collar adds insulation against the wind, and the two welted hand pockets connect to form an internal kangaroo pocket with a soft lining. A custom red woven zipper pull adds a stylish touch, reading “Endless Journey” in Korean. Wrapped elastic sleeve cuffs and waist hem ensure a comfortable fit.

Aeroheat Training Hoodie

The Aeroheat Training Hoodie is a lightweight thermal layer for cool weather training. The hoodie is made from Aeroheat® fabric, which consists of 92% Polyester and 8% Spandex Heater Napping. This specialized material uses thermoregulating technology that absorbs light to radiate thermal energy, providing warmth and moisture control in a performance-oriented, lightweight fabric. 

The design is completed with raglan sleeves, tailored body seams that adapt to the body’s movements, and reflective logos for visibility.

Waterproof Insulated Run Vest

This run vest is a lightweight and functional piece ideal for training in varied weather conditions. This vest is made from a waterproof stretch material comprising 85% Polyester and 15% Spandex, ensuring flexibility and weather resistance. It features ergonomic no-fill panels across the shoulders and side body for unrestricted movement. 

The vest has two front zip pockets, an internal chest pocket for secure storage, and reflective back pipe seams that contour the body’s shape. A ribbed neck hem with an internal jacquard logo and reflective branding for high visibility at night adds to its functionality.

Final Thoughts

In the dynamic intersection of fitness and fashion, ASRV emerges as a trailblazer, seamlessly marrying high-performance athletic gear with the gritty, fashion-forward vibes of urban street style. Michael Brito’s insight into ASRV, born from firsthand experience and a genuine appreciation for the brand’s craft, sheds light on why it stands out in the crowded sportswear landscape.

Their commitment to staying ahead of the curve is evident in their materials, designs, and color schemes. By keeping its finger on the pulse of athleisure trends, ASRV ensures its offerings are always relevant, desirable, and in sync with the cultural zeitgeist. This forward-thinking approach extends to the versatility of the pieces. Whether lifting weights or grabbing coffee, ASRV has you covered, proving that functionality doesn’t have to sacrifice style.


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