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What is Lululemon Silverescent Technology?

What is Lululemon Silverescent Technology?

As the pioneer of athleisure wear, Lululemon continuously pushes fabric innovation to elevate performance and functionality. One standout proprietary technology is Silverescent – an inhibiting textile featuring pure silver ions seamlessly woven into the thread fiber level.

Table: Features of Lululemon Silverescent Technology

Unlike surface sprays or coatings prone to washing away over time, Silverescent’s embedded silver particles permanently bond to fabric threads before knitting or weaving begins.

This ensures the silver ions remain evenly distributed across the garment surface, providing consistent antimicrobial defense with zero impact on the natural fabric hand feel.

The science behind Silverescent draws from silver’s innate positive charge, which attracts to the negatively charged cell walls of odor and stain-causing bacteria.

This interaction ruptures the cell, releasing the contents inside and effectively neutralizing the bacteria’s ability to spread and reproduce. Without cell division and growth, bacterial colonies cannot metabolize sweat into a foul odor.

Extensive lab testing confirms that Silverescent technology eliminates over 99% of the bacteria that cause odors even after 100 washes. This provides unmatched staying power compared to topical applications and is easily removed through abrasion and laundering.

Because defense is directly woven into the garment fiber, Silverescent maintains maximum anti-odor performance throughout the product’s lifecycle.

The benefits of scientifically proven odor protection intrinsically woven into the fabric offer clear advantages for sweat-inducing athletic apparel.

Bacteria attraction to damp fabrics is eliminated, allowing workout gear to remain fresh and wearable for longer, even with repeat high-intensity sessions. This delivers exceptional value per wear while reducing laundering dependency, saving time, and reducing environmental impact.

Lululemon deploys Silverescent across its lineup of synthetic performance fabrics tailored for training. Pairing permanent odor defense with rapid moisture-wicking technology creates the ultimate gym kit for finding focus in a movement without foul distractions.

Innovations like Silverescent provide the functional edge that athletes and athleisure enthusiasts demand today. Here’s more info from Lululemon


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