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Athleisure Essentials: The Rise of Stylish Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts have evolved into a cornerstone of athleisure wear for men. We explore the transformation of crew necks, hooded options, sherpa fleece, and activewear sweatshirts from brands like Alo Yoga, Bluffworks, Lululemon, Truwear, and tasc Performance. Once confined to the gym, sweatshirts can now offer style and comfort for daily or some business casual situations.

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Read our FAQ section, where we spotlight champions like Everlane and Lululemon, which are tailored for your workout grind and casual flex. From eco-conscious picks to the art of choosing the right size, we’ve got your questions covered.
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Popular men’s athleisure sweatshirt brands include Everlane, On Running, Outdoor Voices, Hoka, Lululemon, UNRL, All in Motion, Reigning Champ, Alo Yoga, and Uniqlo.
Can athleisure sweatshirts be used for both gym and casual wear?
Brands like UNRL Legends and Outdoor Voices offer athleisure sweatshirts perfect for outdoor activities, blending style with functional performance.
Men’s athleisure sweatshirts are typically made from breathable, flexible fabrics that may include moisture-wicking properties for added comfort.
Brands like prAna focus on environmental responsibility, offering eco-friendly athleisure sweatshirts.
Sizing varies among brands, so it’s recommended to refer to each brand’s specific size guide and measure yourself accordingly.
Certain brands, such as ASRV and On Running, design athleisure sweatshirts suitable for running and various sports activities.
Athleisure sweatshirts, particularly those from brands like Proof and Lululemon, feature stylish designs that can be paired with formal wear to create a casual yet dope look.
The price for men’s athleisure sweatshirts varies widely, ranging from more affordable options like All in Motion to premium brands like Alo Yoga and Goodlife.
Care instructions vary by brand, but generally, it’s advisable to wash athleisure sweatshirts in cold water, avoid using bleach, and tumble dry low or air dry to maintain their condition.

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