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Workleisure Guide: A Master Class in Business Casual

Workleisure Guide: A Master Class in Business Casual

Men’s fashion has taken a turn, thanks to the casualization of the workplace. Shoutout to COVID for shaking things up.

Enter “workleisure”—the perfect integration of professionalism and comfort for your remote and hybrid work. It’s time to update your wardrobe to match your multitasking lifestyle. You need clothes that can do everything from client meetings and commuting to business travel and everything in between.

Workleisure merges athletic essentials with smart designs, giving you a polished look ready for anything. Check out this short video from the Gent Within for a solid rundown of this new phenom.

With the line between professional and casual wear fading, embracing workleisure means creating adaptable, performance-ready outfits.

The ROI? It’s twofold. Sustainable workwear that not only handles business demands but also keeps you looking sharp, day in and day out.

Time for School: Mastering The Workleisure Wardrobe

Nailing a workleisure wardrobe balances comfort, performance, and sharp looks. Think soft, breathable fabrics with just the right amount of stretch for easy movement while keeping that crisp fit.

This trend is all about versatility. You can wear polos and joggers for client meetings, weekend outings, or long commutes on the subway. Always look for clothes with moisture-wicking properties, natural stretch, and a blend of polished and casual vibes. This ensures your wardrobe handles anything your busy life throws at you.

Luxury fashion is catching on. Workleisure lets you elevate your personal brand and everyday wear collection for just about any occasion. For me, it’s every occasion.

Which Brands are Shaping Workleisure?

Leading workleisure brands are setting the standard for polished, versatile men’s clothing. It’s taking the “business casual” pre-pandemic vibe and turning it completely upside down.

Ministry of Supply is a pioneering label making workleisure wear accessible. They use innovative fabrics with moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, stretch, and breathable properties to create pieces suited for long flights or strenuous commutes.

Their Kinetic blazer features structured tailoring and a full range of motion thanks to strategically placed stretch materials. This hybrid design embodies the workleisure fit and style in 2024 and will undoubtedly continue into future years.

Another essential brand is Public Rec, which is focused on high-stretch fabrics with the comfort and feel of sweatpants and the polish of trousers. Their Daymaker Pants incorporate up to 35% elastane while resisting abrasion and maintaining shape. Highly technical clothing like this makes stiff, restrictive garments a thing of the past.

Beyond apparel, workleisure footwear brands also reshape comfort expectations in business wear. Wolf & Shepherd integrates proprietary cushioning, traction tread soles, and machine-washable sneakers suitable for both boardrooms and casual settings.

The Crossover Victory Trainers are my “go-to” sneakers. They pair well with just about anything–joggers, shorts, or pants. But you can’t go wrong with more of the athletic aesthetic Crossover Trainer WTZs, either. Both are dope and often turn heads when walking into a conference room.

Look Good, Be Comfortable with Workleisure Shirts

Quality shirts that combine comfort and polish are the backbone of any dope workleisure wardrobe. Tailored fits and lightweight, breathable fabrics make polo shirts and button-ups your go-to for staying cool and collected from long meetings to evening events.

The right shirt boosts your confidence, letting you slay client interactions and creative projects without distractions. It’s all about looking sharp and feeling great, no matter the occasion.

The Versatility of the Polo Shirt

As workleisure gains traction in corporate settings, the polo shirt emerges as an adaptable foundation. Polos now anchor business casual outfits that blend relaxed and refined looks. Rhone’s Commuter Polo is a prime example, constructed with performance features tailored for today’s active lifestyles.

Its moisture-wicking, quick-dry fabric handles dynamic routines, from client meetings to summer commutes. The polo’s structured yet flexible build facilitates movement without the restrictions of a formal button-down. It has ribbed collars and mesh inserts that ensure breathability in warmer climates.

Equally suitable under blazers or casually untucked with chinos, the polo shirt complements and elevates various outfits. Its capacity to adapt across professional and social settings eliminates the need for frequent wardrobe changes.

Dressing Up with Workleisure Button-Up Shirts

The classic button-up is a game-changer. As workleisure takes over offices, upgraded versions of this staple make it easy to move between business and personal settings without missing a beat.

Modern button-ups pack a punch with four-way stretch fabrics, balancing crisp lines with the flexibility to handle high-stakes presentations and casual weekend hangouts. The blend of materials is all about versatility: moisture-wicking linings keep you cool during commutes, while exterior cotton layers ensure you always look polished.

Top brands are refining button-ups for the workleisure lifestyle, blending technical enhancements with sleek aesthetics. Subtle mesh ventilation keeps you comfortable, seamless shoulders offer unrestricted movement, and anti-wrinkle fabrics keep you looking sharp, no matter how long the journey. This foundational piece is sophisticated and ready for anything.

While conventional dress shirts dominate formal occasions, progressive alternatives like the Western Rise Limitless Merino Button-Down epitomize workleisure’s future. As breathable athletic functionality combines with timeless tailoring, expect crossover button-ups to transform professional wardrobes well beyond 2024.

It’s All About “The Fit” With Workleisure Pants

A sharp workleisure wardrobe nails the balance between a professional look and unmatched comfort, ready to conquer long workdays and weekend getaways. While some industries still cling to formal suits, today’s flexible roles demand a new level of comfort and executive style.

Essential workleisure bottoms like joggers, chinos, progressive trousers, and tailored sweatpants give you the functionality to match your drive. The right pants move with you, not against you. High performance becomes second nature, not a distraction. Focus on breathability, precise tailoring, and innovative tech to ensure you’re ready for any environment or dress code.

Joggers and Tech Pants Dominating the Scene

What was once weekend-only gear has evolved into sophisticated essentials for dynamic lifestyles. Designers are stepping up, transforming joggers and chinos to bridge casual ease with the corporate dress code.

Today’s joggers keep their signature comfort with premium knits, but tailored fits and wrinkle-resistant fabrics give them a polished edge. Paired with blazers, they create a relaxed yet sharp look that is perfect for execs and creatives alike. Likewise, innovative chinos with moisture-wicking and stretch materials maintain sharp tailoring from morning meetings to evening events. It’s all about merging comfort with a dope look, ready for anything.

Products like the Western Rise Spectrum Jogger highlight the intersection of comfort and versatility. Reinvented joggers and chinos become crossover staples at home, in offices, and daily life.

Exploring Workleisure Pants That Mean Business

Versatile pants are your go-to for merging corporate dress codes with casual comfort. These pants dominate boardroom power moves or deliver confidence when running errands. Think stretch fabrics that hold their tailored shape, moisture-wicking properties for those active days, and innovative materials that blend the crisp look of woven trousers with the ease of joggers.

Top-tier workleisure pants feature four-way stretch fabrics that keep you looking sharp while allowing a full range of motion. This combo ensures you stay polished, no matter how demanding the day gets. Quad-stretch material moves with you, whether you’re squatting, bending, or closing deals.

The UNRL Performance Pant exemplifies designs that blend resilience to hold their shape with exceptional mobility for vigorous motion. These work pants offer refined looks and unmatched versatility, crucial for modern men navigating changing environments.

Additionally, refined sweatpants integrate tapered fits, adjustable waists, and lightweight terry knits to retain professional ease during various activities. Both stretch and sweatpant iterations uphold functionality while sustaining modern refinement suitable for varied environments.

These are sweatpants you can wear to work. Trust me, I do.

Sneakers Shaking Up Workleisure

Flexible work models and laid-back office vibes are flipping the script on men’s footwear expectations.

Enter purpose-built workleisure sneakers that handle polished boardrooms and park strolls with equal finesse. These kicks merge classic style with athletic comfort, featuring breathable linings, cushioned foam midsoles, and traction outsoles.

They blur the lines between formal and casual, ready for anything your day throws at you. The right sneakers anchor your outfit, giving you the confidence to move through your day with swagger and ease.

Sneakers Stepping Up in Business Casual

Sneakers used to be weekend warriors, but now they’re essential in the workleisure game. If you have the right pair of shoes, you can instantly upgrade your look and pair effortlessly with joggers and blazers, bringing easy sophistication for those who love a fluid style.

With technical advancements, sneakers assimilate well into any professional setting. Cushioned midsoles keep you comfortable through endless meetings, while anti-slip rubber outsoles ensure you stay steady during team projects. The BYLT Lido Shoe is the epitome of this crossover, combining sharp looks with athletic performance, making sure you stay comfortable and dignified no matter what “good or bad” situation you find yourself in.

As the lines between work and life blur, innovative sneakers transform dress codes by anchoring varied looks with comfort and adaptable style. Whether taking center stage in presentations or accenting casual weekend fits, leading selections like the BYLT Lido Shoe set the bar for multifaceted footwear essential to modern wardrobes.

Quarter-Zips Can Make or Break Your Fit

When considering your workleisure wardrobe, don’t overlook the utility and comfort of pullover quarter-zips. These pieces offer a professional look and most of them are comfortable. They are ideal for hybrid work environments. Nail the perfect balance with a sharp quarter-zip, or risk looking underdressed and out of touch. Don’t let your outfit fall flat—make sure your quarter-zip game is on point.

One of my favorite quarter zips is by The Normal Brand. Their Puremeso Weekend Quarter Zip is made from the Puremeso fabric—a proprietary blend of 58% cotton, 39% polyester, and 3% spandex. It provides a soft, stretchy feel that retains shape and structure over time.

Workleisure Outerwear: Blazers and Bombers

Menswear’s rise in multifunctionality sees outerwear like blazers and bombers transcend traditional boundaries. What was once formalwear now gains casual flexibility, just as weekend essentials adopt versatility for the office.

These categories symbolize the fluidity within the workleisure movement. Innovations in technical fabrics transform tailored blazers into ultra-light top layers for urban and rural settings alike. Meanwhile, classic bomber jackets receive updates like merino wool linings and polished hardware suited for boardroom presentations.

This fusion gives classic pieces renewed relevance across cutting-edge offices and post-work activities, accelerating the integration of comfort and style in men’s workwear.

Performance Blazers for Leaders & Innovators

Forget the stiff, outdated blazers of the past.

Today’s leaders and innovators demand more. Performance blazers blend athletic versatility with a clean, modern look. It’s the ultimate power move for business pros. With stretch fabrics and breathable mesh inserts, pieces like the Rhone Commuter Blazer offer unmatched mobility while keeping you polished and ready for the boardroom.

These blazers balance resilience and flexibility, accommodating everything from client meetings to casual workshops. Modern unlined styles layer smoothly over hoodies, offering a refined remote style, while classic lapels nod to executive elegance.

As workleisure evolves, expect adaptive performance blazers to dominate versatile wardrobes. Their ability to anchor formal suits with comfort and functionality highlights the movement’s elevation of iconic professional style.

Bomber Jackets: Where Work Meets Edge

As performance engineering revolutionizes traditional workwear, bomber outerwear jackets get a serious upgrade. Once military-issued, bomber jackets now blend laid-back comfort with refined sophistication.

Take the BYLT Courtside Reversible Bomber, for example. It blends effortless style with practical features, boasting streamlined hardware, hidden zip pockets, and ribbed hems.

Expect refined versions that blend the bomber’s origins with sophisticated adaptability, continuing to influence men’s fashion.

Level Up Your Commute With Workleisure Bags

Your workleisure wardrobe isn’t complete without a bag that’s as functional as it is stylish. Workleisure bags combine practicality with a clean aesthetic and enhance convenience when you move from the office to the airport and everywhere in between.

One option is the Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack, priced at $95. This backpack is tailored for travelers, providing convenience and efficiency for your daily commute or business trips. Made from 100% recycled polyester from plastic bottles, it’s an eco-friendly choice that doesn’t compromise style or functionality.

Crafting Your Workleisure Wardrobe

The rise of workleisure as a transformative movement in men’s fashion offers opportunities to incorporate individual tastes across versatile wardrobes. Selecting pieces that suit various dress codes and activities allows you to express your style while remaining professional.

The optimal workleisure wardrobe empowers you to easily handle meetings, collaborations, and weekends, all while maintaining your personal preferences.

The Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack offers practical features and complements your workleisure attire. Whether heading to the office, navigating through an airport, or going on a weekend trip, this backpack keeps your essentials organized and within reach, embodying the balance of functionality and style inherent in workleisure fashion.

Personalizing Your Workleisure Wardrobe

When it comes to workleisure, mixing and matching brands isn’t just allowed—it’s the secret sauce. Building your wardrobe around foundational pieces like polos, button-ups, joggers, and blazers lets you blend comfort with your fit preferences.

Performance-driven? Brands like Ministry of Supply have your back with their innovative fabrics and dynamic cuts. I mean, who wouldn’t wear a blazer designed by an MIT Rocket Scientist? For a more athletic vibe, consider tailored pieces from labels like Public Rec or Western Rise.

Don’t be afraid to mix these brands to create a look that’s all your own. Pair a sharp blazer with relaxed joggers, or rock a performance polo with tailored pants. It’s all about finding what makes you feel powerful and ready to conquer your day.

Workleisure is about more than just clothes—it’s about confidence. Own the room with styles and fits that make you feel unstoppable. Let the flexibility of workleisure inspire you to craft a wardrobe that stands out and empowers you to slay every day.


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