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Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable?

Is Outdoor Voices Sustainable?

Outdoor Voices is an American technical apparel brand that has made efforts toward sustainability, but it’s not fully sustainable or ethical yet. According to Ecothes, the brand has a sustainability score of 2.5/5, indicating that while improvements are being made, there are still areas that need attention.

Outdoor Voices is focusing on using sustainable materials in its products. They utilize recycled materials such as RecPoly, recycled polyester, responsibly sourced merino wool, and Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) cotton.

They also use Blue Sign-approved fabrics, which means the materials are created with responsible and sustainable use of resources and have a low negative impact on workers, stakeholders, and the environment.

However, there are some concerns and areas for improvement:

  • Outdoor Voices doesn’t actively share transparent information about its sustainability goals and progress.
  • The brand has yet to update whether it has reached its goal of having at least 80% traceable recycled fibers by 2022.
  • Verifying the brand’s claims about worker safety and fair wages is difficult due to a lack of transparency regarding their partner factories and audit scores.

Outdoor Voices does not claim to be a carbon-neutral brand and also does not provide any information about its greenhouse gas production or the measures taken to reduce carbon emissions.

They mention that they only work with partners who adhere to workers’ safety, fair wages, and benefits and minimize their environmental impact. However, factory audits and outcomes are not transparent, which raises concerns about verifying these claims.

In terms of animal welfare, Outdoor Voices uses some animal materials, including recycled wool and Merino Wool, so it isn’t considered a vegan brand. The origins of its recycled wool and whether it’s obtained from cruelty-free sources are not transparently published.


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