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Outdoor Voices

American Clothing Brand
Brand Profile

Outdoor Voices exploded onto the athleisure scene in 2013 when founder and CEO Tyler Haney sought to create technical apparel that blurred the line between fitness and lifestyle. Haney’s passion for sports and activewear that transitions effortlessly from workout to daily wear led her to design versatile pieces for “everyday athletes.” The brand’s inaugural “Outdoor Voices Kit” exemplified this approach, featuring casual yet performance-ready activewear that fueled the growing #doingthings movement.

The company’s origins trace back to Haney’s time at Parsons School of Design. An ambition to build an inspirational community led her to launch pop-up shops selling her first apparel samples. The enthusiastic response validated Haney’s vision for a brand centered around joyful activity over hardcore intensity. She continued hosting pop-ups while completing her athleisure line, garnering a cult following drawn to Outdoor Voices’ emphasis on inclusive recreation over elitist fitness.

The 2014 opening of their first brick-and-mortar store in Austin marked a pivotal moment for the young company. The Texas capital’s vibrant, fitness-loving community perfectly fits Outdoor Voices’ mission. Haney involved Austin locals in embodying the brand, embracing diverse shapes, sizes, and activity levels in marketing. This authentic representation resonated widely, helping drive an 11,000-person waitlist for the TechSweat line launch.

Over the next four years, OV leaned into the direct-to-consumer model that enabled its rapid rise. Pop-up shops and a savvy digital strategy boosted awareness as special collections with brands like A.P.C. and launches in Nordstrom expanded its fashion cred. Despite Haney’s departure, OV holds strong with its community-building ethos under new leadership. Though the activewear landscape grew crowded, OV’s steadfast commitment to inclusive recreation and versatile, creative designs cement its status as an athleisure innovator.






Austin, TX, USA

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