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Outdoor Voices RecTrek Zip-Off Pant

Outdoor Voices RecTrek Zip-Off Pant: Product Spotlight

Outdoor Voices RecTrek Zip-Off Pant: $118

The Outdoor Voices RecTrek Zip-Off Pant is engineered for adaptability in the great outdoors and is constructed from a durable, wind- and water-resistant fabric known as RecTrek.

This innovative pant has zip-off sections, allowing customers to transform their attire to suit different environments and temperatures.

The design incorporates many pockets, ensuring ample storage for essentials while moving. The fabric composition of 90% nylon and 10% elastane, coupled with a PFC-free DWR finish, ensures the pants are water-repellent and provide significant stretch and comfort during activities.

These pants are versatile for low- to medium-sweat outdoor activities such as hiking, climbing, and biking. A nylon-webbing belt that can be removed enhances fit and adjustability, making them a practical choice for anyone actively engaged in outdoor recreation.

Their four-way stretch capability further underscores their utility, offering unrestricted movement and flexibility essential for dynamic activities.

RecTrek Zip-Off Pant Features & Benefits

Design and StyleBalance of sportswear comfort and urban styleFashionable for both active and casual settings
Material and ComfortDurable fabric that holds shapeComfortable for prolonged wear and activity
Fit and SizingDesigned for a range of movementsSuitable for various body types and activities
Performance and DurabilityHigh-quality fabric constructionLong-lasting, maintains quality over time
FunctionalityDeep, zipper-equipped pocketsSpacious and secure for essentials like phones and cameras

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the RecTrek Zip-Off Pant, noting its durability, comfort, and versatile design. One highlight from the reviews is the pants’ performance in environments like Moab, where their ability to withstand the elements and blend into natural surroundings was particularly appreciated.

The zip-off feature is frequently mentioned, with many valuing the ease with which the pants can transition between lengths for different activities or temperatures.

However, some feedback pointed out areas for improvement, such as the need for larger and better-placed side pockets and reconsidering the capri mode and multi-color options. Despite these suggestions, the overall consensus reflects a strong recommendation for their use in various outdoor activities, praised for their style, comfort, and practicality.

Outdoor Voices is recognized for its commitment to creating high-quality, versatile activewear that encourages exploration and enjoyment of the outdoors.


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