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Brand Profile

UNRL Clothing was established in Minnesota in 2013 by Michael E. Jordan. He founded the company with just $300, operating out of his mother’s basement. The name UNRL, an abbreviation for “Unreal,” reflects the brand’s aspiration to bridge the gap between function and fashion in athletic and lifestyle apparel. Focusing on quality materials, comfort, and versatility, UNRL quickly positioned itself in the market.

During its early years, UNRL found its niche in customized team apparel and gear, particularly for hockey teams and companies. This initial success allowed Jordan to reinvest the revenue into growing UNRL’s branded product line. The brand gained further traction through key partnerships, including deals with the NHL and endorsements from professional athletes like MLB player Witt Haggard.

UNRL’s growth trajectory saw the brand expand its distribution channels, selling through major sporting goods retailers like Scheels and online platforms like Barstool Sports. The expansion wasn’t just in distribution and product offerings. UNRL ventured into women’s apparel and accessories and expanded its men’s collection to include over 100 SKUs, ranging from pants to hoodies.

Philanthropy played a vital role in UNRL’s impact. Jordan committed to donating 10% of the company’s profits to community causes like the University of Minnesota Masonic Children’s Hospital. The brand also launched the “Change Starts With Me” initiative during the 2020 protests, selling charity t-shirts to support rebuilding efforts.

By 2021, UNRL had achieved significant financial success, with annual revenue surpassing $8 million and projections to exceed $10 million in 2022. Looking ahead, Jordan has set ambitious goals to grow UNRL to $100 million in annual sales by 2029 while simultaneously amplifying the brand’s social impact.






St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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