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What Does UNRL Stand For?

What Does UNRL Stand For?

UNRL stands for “unreal.” It’s a feeling of disbelief or surrealness commonly used to describe the best moments in life.  

Who Owns UNRL? 

Michael E. Jordan founded the clothing company UNRL seven years ago in his mom’s basement when he was 17, with just $300 in his bank account. The company sells some of the highest-quality pants online, consistently selling out in 15 minutes.

After COVID-19 hit in 2020, 81% of Unreal’s business went to zero overnight, but Michael was determined not to furlough staff. Instead, he pivoted to grow UNRL into a lifestyle brand with the support of his team.

Watch the video below to learn more about Jordan. He seems like a cool cat to me.

Today, ten years after starting UNRL, the company ships orders globally and has grown significantly by disrupting more prominent apparel companies. Unreal’s employees feel invested in the company’s success due to the grit, hustle, and common goal of continued growth Michael established from the beginning.

I have several UNRL pieces, but the Crossover Hoodie is the top.

UNRL Crossover Hoodie II

The UNRL Crossover Hoodie is a dope hoodie that transitions easily from athletic to casual wear simply by changing from joggers to pants. It’s made from moisture-wicking polyester and spandex with a soft fleece interior.

Our Top Picks: UNRL Clothing

UNRL Crossover Hoodie II
UNRL Crossover Hoodie II
UNRL Highlands Quarter Zip
UNRL Highlands Quarter Zip
UNRL Cross-Up Hoodie: Product Spotlight
UNRL Cross-Up Hoodie


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