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Public Rec Clothing Review: Dope or No?

Public Rec Clothing Review: Dope or No?

YouTuber Topher Park breaks down Public Rec’s latest clothing line.

First up, is the All Day Everyday Pants. Topher emphasizes the pants’ softness and appreciates the elastic sides for added stretch and fit. He also points out the practicality of side zippers for secure storage.

Topher then transitions to the ‘Better Than Down Vest,’ praising its relaxed athletic fit for layering and handling colder temperatures. The vest is made from polyester and spandex and features 3M Thinsulate, featherless insulation, ensuring warmth and dryness. The vest impresses with its internal zipper pocket and overall functionality.

Next up, the ‘Workday Bomber’ in dark navy catches his attention. Its polyester exterior and interior blend offer a comfortable feel, and the jacket’s reversible feature adds versatility. Despite this, Topher prefers the original style.

The review concludes with the ‘Cyclone Trench Coat’ in vintage khaki. Ideal for cold and wet conditions, the coat offers flexibility, adjustable cuffs, and sufficient storage. Though snug in certain areas, the coat’s design allows for layering, making it a stylish choice for combating harsh weather.

Throughout the review, Topher provides personal insights into each item’s fit, comfort, and practicality, making this a comprehensive look into Public Rec’s athleisure line.

Public Rec Products In This Video Review

All Day Every Day Pant

All Day Every Day Pant

Elevate Long Sleeve Polo

Elevate Long Sleeve Polo

Better Than Down Vest

Better Than Down Vest

Workday Bomber

Workday Bomber - Black

Cyclone Trench Coat

Cyclone Trench Coat - Vintage Khaki


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