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Rhone Clothing, founded in 2014 in New Canaan, Connecticut, was the brainchild of brothers Nate and Ben Checketts, along with their three friends, Kyle McClure, Casey Edgar, and Carras Holmstead. The name Rhone, drawing inspiration from France’s scenic and historic Rhône river region, signified the brand’s commitment to aesthetics and heritage. The company set a clear mission: to craft premium athletic apparel specifically for men, focusing on technical fabrics and incorporating innovative features.

In its early stages, Rhone was initiated as an online-only retailer but quickly expanded its presence. By late 2014, the company had partnered with Bloomingdale’s, marking its entry into select brick-and-mortar stores. This expansion strategy proved successful, as Rhone experienced a dramatic 500% growth in 2015, further boosted by its presence in high-end retailers such as Nordstrom, Equinox, and CorePower Yoga. The company’s upward trajectory was supported by a significant $5 million Series A financing round in the same year.

The year 2016 was a landmark one for product innovation at Rhone. The company introduced its proprietary SilverTech and GoldFusion fabrics, which were integrated with silver and gold fibers. These advancements were not just for show; they significantly enhanced the apparel’s odor resistance, moisture-wicking capabilities, and overall comfort. This period also saw Rhone expanding its range of technical performance fabrics and versatile activewear styles tailored for men.

Fast forward to 2023, and Rhone has established over ten retail stores and made its mark in major global retailers. The company hasn’t just focused on expanding its physical presence; it has also continued to innovate in fabric technology. Additionally, Rhone has taken on a broader role, addressing men’s issues such as mental health, exemplified by their (Men)tal Healthy campaign. Looking to the future, Rhone is poised to diversify its offerings, with the launch of a women’s line slated for May 2024. This expansion marks a new chapter for Rhone as it broadens its impact in the world of premium athletic apparel.






Stamford, CT, USA

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