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Layer Up: A Guide to Athleisure Vests for Men

Vests are slowly carving out their niche in men’s athleisure. We will dive into performance, puffers, insulated, quilted, and every other vest that will complement an athleisure collection. We’ll highlight vests from athleisure brands like ASRV, Lululemon, Linksoul, Legends, and Rhone, each with different styles and fits.

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Explore our FAQs and navigate the world of men’s athleisure vests. Discover top brands like ASRV, Legends, and Lululemon, and learn how vests offer versatility for sports, casual wear, and travel. Understand the benefits of layering with vests, the high-performance materials they’re made from, and the variety of styles available.
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Brands like ASRV, Lululemon, Linksoul, Legends, and Rhone are among the top contenders for men’s athleisure vests. They offer a range of styles that are both functional and fashionable.
Can athleisure vests be worn for activities other than sports?
Athleisure vests are great for layering over t-shirts or under jackets for added warmth and style.
High-performance materials like lightweight, stretchy fabrics are commonly used in athleisure vests, offering comfort, durability, and flexibility.
Yes, various styles of athleisure vests are available, including puffer vests, fleece vests, and lightweight vests, catering to different preferences and needs.
Brands like Patagonia are known for their commitment to sustainability, offering athleisure vests made with eco-friendly materials and practices.
Refer to the brand’s size chart and consider how you’ll wear the vest to ensure a comfortable fit, whether over a thick sweater or a t-shirt.
While they are primarily designed for casual and sporty looks, some athleisure vests can be styled for smart-casual occasions, depending on the design and material.
Care instructions for athleisure vests may vary based on the material. Always check the label for guidelines, but most can be machine-washed.
Some brands offer vests for running or hiking, featuring technical fabrics and functional details for performance enhancement.

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