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Seasonal Athleisure Trends for the Office

2023 Seasonal Athleisure Trends for the Office: What to Know

Key Takeaways

  • Athleisure’s popularity continues to grow, blending comfort and style for work attire.
  • 2023 trends focus on breathable, functional fabrics suitable for office settings.
  • Fabric innovations and design drive the shift towards casual, inclusive workwear.
  • Sustainability and ethical production are increasingly important in athleisure fashion.
  • The trend reflects a broader cultural move towards versatility and practicality in clothing.

The rise of athleisure has transformed the fashion industry and how we dress for work. Once viewed solely as casual weekend activewear, athleisure clothing and sportswear are now blending seamlessly into professional attire thanks to their versatility and comfort.

As we move into 2024 and beyond, expect to see even more creative adaptations of athleisure that retain a sharp, put-together aesthetic perfect for the workplace.

The exponential growth of the athleisure trend over the past decade reflects a cultural shift valuing functionality, ease of movement, and the ability to transition seamlessly from the gym to the office or out with friends. What originated as luxury workout gear from brands like Lululemon has become a dominant trend in everyday fashion.

Market research firm NPD Group reported that athleisure sales reached $105 billion in 2020, signaling that comfort and functionality have become essential even in more formal settings like the office.

In the video below, Rhone’s CEO outlines the brand’s recent retail and product line expansion and insights on the label’s future growth strategy. Having newly opened 11 brick-and-mortar shops on top of launching Rhone’s first-ever women’s collection last spring, the candid discussion comes fresh off a series of bold moves signaling the athleisure company’s ambitious plans ahead.

The CEO also touches on the operational and financial transformations enabling such swift nationwide growth, including investments from an impressive roster of owners representing seven major sports teams. With Rhone extending its reach through category and gender, he also looks ahead to potentially becoming a public company one day.

The Evolution of Athleisure in 2023: More Than Just Activewear

Athleisure has come a long way from its early days as a niche fitness fashion trend. While performance-driven activewear still anchors the category, athleisure today encapsulates a broader clothing spectrum that fuses sporty details with versatile wearability.

Through innovations in fabrics, inclusive sizing, and hybrid designs, athleisure continues to expand beyond the gym into all aspects of consumers’ lives, including the workplace.

Over the past several years, the phenomenal growth of athleisure sales signaled that shoppers sought apparel that could flex between roles with comfort and functionality.

As the line between work and leisure blurred during the pandemic’s remote work shift, professional wardrobes became more casual and inclusive of laid-back staples that still felt put-together.

Clever consumers discovered that remixing closet basics like sneakers, oversized hoodies, and leggings with blazers and other tailored pieces created stylish athleisure outfits suitable for video calls and weekends out.

As more employees cycle back to office environments, athleisure has become a focus, thanks to boundary-pushing brands. For example, Haggar fused business formality with workout readiness by introducing machine-washable suits woven partly from moisture-wicking technical fabrics.

Meanwhile, luxury labels like Gucci brought a high-fashion edge to activewear through polished details on trendy bodysuits, sweatpants with dramatic cuffs, and vibrant monogrammed sneakers. These cutting-edge takes on athleisure reflect its integration into nearly all social and professional spheres of modern life.

Rather than a fleeting fad, the athleisure movement represents an ideological shift around comfort, accessibility, inclusivity, and versatility as non-negotiable aspects of our dress. With multi-functional aesthetics suited for everything from client meetings to business travel, innovative athleisure design makes getting through busy, high-switching days effortlessly stylish.

The 2023 spring and summer seasons highlight breathable, lightweight fabrics that wick moisture during commutes while maintaining a refined, professional look. Utilitarian details like stretch panels, quick-drying cotton blends, and odor-control technology allow you to go straight from the gym to meetings without missing a beat.

Expect office-ready renditions of classics like oversized crewneck sweatshirts and wide-leg pants rendered in featherweight materials perfect for the workplace.

Active staples like sneakers and baseball caps seamlessly transition with premium leather accents and muted colors suitable for the office. Even traditionally formal fields will embrace a new polish this coming season – seen in relaxed fits, jersey button-downs, and subtle athletic references.

By blending professionalism with laidback leisure and fitness gear essences, warm-weather athleisure creates a modern vocabulary for summer office wear. Whether you incorporate sporty sensibilities into classic pieces or balance eye-catching sneakers with a sharp blazer, embracing the comfort and functionality of athleisure awakens creative expression at the office.

Embracing Comfort and Functionality

The beauty of athleisure lies in its adaptability across the shifting roles and environments we navigate daily. By prioritizing comfort while upholding style, athleisure-inspired workwear empowers productivity and confidence wherever your day takes you.

The key is choosing pieces in materials suited for the office that retain functionality, move with you, and keep you cool under pressure while looking sharp.

Breathable fabrics that wick moisture, control odor, and stretch make light layers like polos, button-downs, and office-appropriate tanks perfect for retaining professional polish through warm weather and unexpected schedule changes.

For example, Ministry of Supply’s dress shirts woven from odor-fighting merino wool and temperature-regulating polymers promise boardroom-ready polish that handles heat and activity.

Streamlined fit and athletic cuts also ensure freedom of movement while preventing disheveled appearances. Brands like Public Rec and Western Rise adapt technical hiking and fitness apparel into brushed chinos, shorts, and pants, promising unrestricted motion with resilient fabrics. Paired with athleisure sneakers, men can conquer busy summer days at the office comfortably and look good at the same time.

Fall/Winter 2023 Athleisure Styles for Professional Men

As temperatures drop, versatile athleisure remains relevant in work wardrobes with tactical fabrics to brace cooler weather and creative layering techniques to add depth. Refined textures like wool, leather, and brushed cotton elevate sweatshirts, joggers, and track jackets from weekend wear to weekday staples with distinguished accents.

Whether worn under a blazer, smart topcoat, or statement parka anchored by sneakers, athleisure suits the office this fall/winter by artfully walking the line between relaxed and refined.

Athleisure Meets Formal: The New Office Casual

At its core, athleisure sensibilities center on freedom of movement, versatility, and marrying comfort with an elevated aesthetic. Modern professionals blur sartorial lines between the boardroom and gym without compromising polish or performance by infusing these qualities into traditional menswear.

For example, collaborations between leading athletic brands and suiting labels smartly bridge activewear with professional tailoring for the modern gentleman on the move. Adidas and Gucci’s recent partnership fuses the iconic sportswear brand’s signature triple-stripe track pants and sneakers with Gucci’s slim double-breasted blazers and loafers for an evocative remix of athleisure and Italian formality.

Adidas x Gucci

Meanwhile, emerging labels like Bluffworks apply proprietary performance fabrics usually reserved for hiking or travel apparel to build business attire engineered for life’s everyday adventures.

By retaining the easy care and durability of technical wear in office-ready chinos, blazers, polos, and shirts, business pros access reliable clothing for commuting, meetings across town, or excelling through busy days where anything could arise.

At its heart, athleisure continues modernizing menswear through novel hybrid designs and shifting mindsets around dressing practically without sacrificing self-expression or style statements. By embracing athleisure’s ingenuity blended with tailored pieces, today’s professionals unlock functionality and comfort that empowers them to take on the day while conveying sharp confidence.

Sustainable Athleisure: A Forward-Thinking Choice

The meteoric rise of athleisure speaks to its unmatched versatility and lasting cultural impact. However, fashion’s sustainability movement also heavily influences retailers and consumers seeking ethically-made athleisure aligned with their values.

As terms like “circular fashion,” “organic cotton,” and “eco-friendly materials” enter the mainstream, consumers are increasingly factoring environmental ethics into purchasing decisions.

Seeking office-ready activewear and crossover sportswear made sustainably demonstrates forward-thinking leadership. Opting for garments created from recycled materials, non-toxic dyes, renewable resources, and supply chains championing fair wages and conditions embodies innovation.

Brands like Girlfriend Collective, PANGAIA, and Outerknown represent the athleisure industry’s shifting focus toward transparency and regenerative solutions to mitigate fashion’s entrenched waste issues.

Athleisure for All: Inclusivity in the Workplace

Today’s office cultures prioritize diversity, equity, and inclusion, so athleisure’s capacity to champion self-expression makes it impactful workplace attire. By catering to different body types, personal aesthetics, accessibility needs, and budgets, athleisure promotes individuality and belonging professionally.

As athleisure cements itself culturally, its role in championing self-expression and sustainability shapes workplaces to be more inclusive. Consumers who tap into athleisure’s versatility lead by example when leveraging its creative potential in the workplace.

Athleisure’s versatility and mass appeal position it as a mainstay in professional wardrobes in 2024 and beyond. As work-life integration becomes more fluid, apparel innovation aims to meet the demand for versatile activewear suited for rapidly changing schedules.

Expect designers to push athleisure’s boundaries through advanced fabric technologies, creative remixes with tailored pieces, and sustainable materials, lowering fashion’s environmental impact.

Season after season, athleisure has proven its resilience by adapting to diverse weather, activities, dress codes, and settings. Moving forward, athleisure brands will lean into the core pillars – unrestricted mobility, durability, ease of wear, and enduring stylistic appeal – while pioneering solutions to consumer and industry issues.

For example, continuing apparel science breakthroughs will likely yield supply chains with full transparency traced via QR codes – alongside shirts woven with cooling aerogel technology and jackets made from solar heat-storing fabrics.

However, innovation will also turn inward to promote well-being through design. We’ll see more adjustable, layer-able pieces made for changing bodies over time, with multi-use pockets and compartments simplifying life’s daily transitions.

Athleisure’s rise reflects the desire for clothes that are as versatile, ethical, and design-forward as modern lives. As work evolves, athleisure will match the pace by sustaining our many roles in style while enabling us to move through life more freely. In upcoming years, the athleisure culture of identity, function, and purpose will surely spark ongoing innovations.

Athleisure: Fashion That Powers Your Potential

Athleisure now leads ushering menswear into the future through innovative fabrics, inclusive sizing, versatile designs, and sustainably-minded production models. By blending activewear’s visual dynamism and freedom of movement with tailored polish, athleisure creates harmony between feeling empowered and looking sharp.

For consumers, embracing athleisure unlocks functionality, flexibility, and comfort that charge through busy days with ease and style. Whether layering performance features into traditional looks or balancing sneakers with a refined blazer, athleisure allows self-expression fused with productivity.

Looking ahead, all signs indicate athleisure will remain integral in workwear as diversity, ethical production, and functionality evolve in fashion. Season after season, expect ingenious athleisure pieces to push boundaries around how expressive, sustainable, and helpful our clothing can be in life’s transitions.

So, when building your professional wardrobe, take inspiration from athleisure’s ingenuity and leadership. Allow its future-forward example to guide choices towards inclusive, conscious designs aligned with your values while serving your lifestyle. In doing so, adopt an athleisure spirit to wear what exceptionally empowers your best self in any setting.


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