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What Brand is Better Than Lululemon?

What Brand is Better Than Lululemon? Here Are Three Alternatives

What Brand is Better Than Lululemon? Well, it depends on what you mean by “better.”

Many brand enthusiasts love Lululemon and pack their closets with every new product drop and collection. I have two daughters and multiple credit card statements that prove it. I have a few pieces myself. 

Lululemon is a household name. They were the first to market, and their revenue for 2023 was $8.111B, a 29.63% increase from 2022. However, brands like BYLT Basics, Cuts Clothing, and Alo Yoga have made names by offering high-quality, comfortable athleisure wear for men with dope styles.

BYLT Basics

Based in California, BYLT Basics launched in 2016 with men’s apparel and accessories. Their product line is extensive–T-shirts, pants, outerwear, and sneakers feature custom-developed fabric blends that promise comfort and performance.

Top-selling products like the Drop-Cut tees,  Everyday Pants, and the RYSE fleece embrace an athletic look suitable for a gym sesh or a client meeting. 

My favorite piece is the Elite+ Fairway Drop-Cut Pullover. I have three colors–Black, Heather Gray and Storm. The BYLT Tour Jacket is pretty slick, too.

Cuts Clothing

Cuts Clothing also launched in 2016 and has slowly become an industry leader in the athleisure space. They use proprietary fabric technology called Pyca, making their clothes feel soft against the skin. The custom-developed fabrics bring softness, stretch, and wrinkle resistance to their product line.

Beyond t-shirts in multiple customizable fits, Cuts also sells hoodies, joggers, polos, shorts, jackets, and accessories marked by thoughtful design details. 

My favorite piece is the Legacy Jacket

Alo Yoga

Alo Yoga was founded in 2007 in Los Angeles. One of their unique differentiators is their focus on performance technology integrated within their product line. They use fabrics like Alosoft, Airbrush, Alolux, Vapor, and Airlift and materials like vegan leather in sneakers. Their commitment to sustainability and ethical fashion is evident.

With men’s apparel spanning T-shirts, pants, shorts, sweatshirts, and performance athleticwear, Alo Yoga’s product lines focus on quality and clean aesthetics.

My favorite piece is the Conquer Reform Hoodie.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is that while Lululemon paved the way in athleisure apparel, the market has exploded with quality competitors. Brands like BYLT Basics, Cuts Clothing, and Alo Yoga now provide options for high-performance activewear with premium fabrics and on-trend styles.

Everyone has personal preferences regarding style, fit, and budget. The “best” brand comes down to individual needs and tastes. For some, Lululemon’s signature stretchy fabrics and flattering cuts remain the gold standard for pants, quarter zips, and jackets. But others appreciate the softness of Cuts Clothing tees, the minimalist aesthetic of BYLT Basics, or Alo Yoga’s sustainably sourced fabrics.

Lululemon still leads the market share for a reason.

Yet today’s athleisure fans have more choices than ever to build a workout wardrobe that supports their healthy lifestyle, appearance standards, and spending comfort. While Lulu can’t be beaten for some, exploring brands like BYLT, Cuts, and Alo may unearth an even better personal fit. The growth of quality competitors means more opportunities to look and feel like a king, no matter your workout, job title, or budget.


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