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BYLT Elite+ Fairway Drop-Cut Pullover

BYLT Elite+ Fairway Drop-Cut Pullover: Product Spotlight

Elite+ Fairway Drop-Cut Pullover $108.75

This pullover features a modern slim-fit design with a unique magnetic seam system, large double hidden interior pockets, and a soft herringbone contrast collar. It is crafted to offer comfort-stretch flexibility, light-knit durability, all-season comfort, and breathability with a quick-dry material.

The ultimate soft-touch micro-knit comfort is achieved through its Elite+ Blend of 47% Viscose, 47% Nylon, and 6% Spandex. Available colors include Black, Heather Grey, Navy, Bone, Charcoal, and Storm.

The Elite+ Fairway Drop-Cut Pullover by BYLT Basics is designed for those seeking low-profile versatility. It features a magnetic seam closure and large double-hidden pockets. The soft herringbone contrast collar adds a touch of sophistication, making it ideal for layering in various styles and situations.

Elite+ Fairway Drop-Cut Pullover Features & Benefits

Customer Reviews

Customers have lauded the pullover’s adaptability, seamlessly fitting into various settings, from leisure to professional environments. The magnetic closures and hidden pockets are highlighted as innovative features that enhance practicality without sacrificing style. The quality of the fabric is also a point of praise, as it is noted for its durability and comfort in cooler conditions.

However, some customers suggest sizing up due to its snug fit. Despite the premium price, the consensus is that its versatility and quality make it a valuable addition to any wardrobe, affirming its place as a staple piece for those prioritizing style and functionality.

Watch the product video below to see the pullover in action.

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