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Public Rec Workday Chino: Product Spotlight

Public Rec Workday Chino: Product Spotlight

Public Rec Workday Chino: $138

The Public Rec Workday Chino offers a modern fit that skims the thighs and straightens from the knee, promoting a nice fit. It’s crafted from the exclusive Workday 2.0 fabric that stands out for its wind and water resistance.

The lightweight yet durable 100% polyester material is designed to withstand the rigors of daily activities without compromising comfort or style. It features belt loops, a front zipper fly, and well-placed back pockets to enhance functionality and convenience.

Workday Chino Product Features & Benefits

Design and StyleModern fit, minimal brandingSophisticated and stylish
Material and Comfort100% polyester, wind and water-resistantDurable and comfortable for all-season wear
Fit and SizingSkims thighs, straight from knee down, room in seat and thighsTailored yet comfortable fit
Performance and DurabilityDurable constructionLong-lasting, maintains quality over time
FunctionalityBelt loops, front zipper fly, wall back pocketsPractical and convenient for daily use

Customer Reviews

Customers are delighted with these pants, highlighting their comfort, style, fit, and adaptability in their reviews. People from all walks of life, including those with unique body shapes or specific dress code needs, appreciate these pants for casual and formal occasions.

The material’s quality is often mentioned, making the chinos suitable for different settings, even in temperature-sensitive situations like performing on stage in the heat.

Their modern yet formal look fits a range of activities, from work to leisure, including golf, dinners, and formal events like attending orchestra performances. Design features such as the cut, pockets, and zippers are praised for enhancing the pants’ upscale look.

Feedback on sizing varies, with some finding them true to size and others suggesting they might be small. This information is seen as valuable for those considering a purchase.

Customers are pleased, and many plan to buy more of these chinos. They are especially appreciated for combining an office-suitable look with exceptional comfort, making them a versatile choice for different lifestyles.


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