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Top It Off in Style: Headwear's Starring Role in Athleisure

Headwear in athleisure is like a clutch free-throw shooter—when the game’s on the line, you want reliable hands. We explore the variety of headwear from several of the top brands in the space that tops any athleisure outfit, from classic caps for outdoor workouts to beanies that add an edge to cooler weather looks and headbands for those intense training sessions.

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Our FAQ section sheds light on the role of men’s headwear in athleisure, revealing how top brands like Rhone, BYLT, and Lululemon fuse cutting-edge technology with high-performance fabrics with their headgear. Dive into the diverse world of men’s hats, from baseball caps to beanies, made from materials suited for every climate and occasion.
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The role of men’s headwear in athleisure style is multifaceted, serving both functional and fashion purposes. Brands like Rhone and Lululemon emphasize headwear that combines proprietary technology and high-quality performance fabrics for moisture-wicking, odor control, and overall comfort, ensuring that their pieces are stylish and suitable for active lifestyles. Public Rec and Ten Thousand also offer options, allowing effortless transitions from the gym to casual settings, highlighting the athleisure trend of blending practicality with style​​​​.
What types of hats can be found in men’s headwear collections?
Men’s hats are made from various materials, including wool, polyester, tweed, rabbit hair felt, and woolen felt, offering options for different weather conditions and style preferences​​​​.
Wearing a hat does not directly make you more athletic; it can enhance comfort and focus during workouts by providing sun protection and keeping sweat and hair out of your face​​​​.
The best hats for the gym are those with lightweight construction, sweat-wicking fabric, and adjustable fits. Athletic brands like Nike and Adidas have a variety of styles to choose from.
Wearing a hat daily does not cause hair loss; however, very tight hats can lead to traction alopecia, which is caused by repetitive tension on the hair roots​​​​​​​​. To avoid potential hair and scalp issues, choose hats that fit well, keep your hat clean, and occasionally give your scalp a break from hat-wearing​​​​.
The baseball cap is a timeless piece that can be paired with almost anything. It is known for its softly rounded crown and stiff front.
Trucker hats, initially promotional items with large logos or slogans, have become a popular casual wear item due to their distinct style and breathability​​.
Beanies are favored for their warmth and versatility, available in materials like wool for outdoor activities, and are part of many fall/winter collections​.
A dad hat is characterized by its relaxed fit, slightly shorter brim compared to a standard baseball cap and often ironic front logo. It’s a casual hat that offers a softer, more comfortable fit​​.

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