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Custom Hats by Branded Bills: Style and Quality Combined

Since 2013, Branded Bills has been the go-to brand for custom hats. They craft premium snapbacks, trucker hats, fitted caps, and more, each designed for aesthetic appeal and performance.

Branded Bills focuses on creating comfortable and durable hats using quality materials like moisture-wicking wool blends and lightweight, breathable polyester. The hats feature laser-cut ventilation panels for enhanced breathability, sweat-wicking bands to keep you cool and dry, and resilient stitching ensure longevity.

Branded Bills also prioritize affordable pricing, fast fulfillment, and excellent customer service. Most designs cost less than $50, and made-to-order hats are shipped quickly.

Types of Branded Bills Custom Hats

Branded Bills offer a range of hats, combining classic closures with modern contours. This variety allows you to define your unique style. Each hat features premium textiles, durable construction, and cohesive design, ensuring quality and consistency across their collections.

Elite Hats

The Elite range marries a stylish aesthetic with active performance. Attention to detail is evident, from moisture-wicking bands to laser-perforated panels for enhanced airflow. The Elite Classic channels executive refinement with its high crown and flat brim, while the Elite Curved offers a subtle contour with its mid crown and curved visor.

Elite Hats Reviews

Customers highlight the high-quality fabric and construction of the Branded Bills Elite Hat. Many customers praise its durability and ability to retain its structure and aesthetic over time. Some note slight fit issues due to material thickness varying across colorways, but most agree the hat provides a clean-cut look with exceptional durability. The moisture-control fabric makes it versatile, and its popularity as a premium gift underscores its quality craftsmanship.

Performance Hats

Performance hats are perfect for men who value both style and functionality. The Curved, Flat, and Relaxed Performance styles feature precision engineering with flexible fabrics and form-holding bills. The retro-inspired 5-Panel Performance combines lightweight build, rope styling, and breathable perforated engineering.

Performance Hats Reviews

Customers consistently praise the hat’s comfort, fit, style, and quality. They highlight the perfect fit and comfort that make these hats suitable for various activities, from casual wear to sports. The stylish designs cater to diverse tastes, and the high-quality materials and durability make them ideal gifts. While some have had issues with adjustable straps, Branded Bills’ responsive customer service addresses all feedback promptly.

Trucker Hats

Branded Bills’ Trucker series combines durable construction with streetwise design. The Flat Trucker features a high crown and flat visor for a bold look, while the Curved Trucker offers a more casual style with a mid crown and curved brim. The Branded Crew Foam Trucker makes a statement with its high crown, curved bill, and foam front.

Trucker Hat Reviews

Customers appreciate the Trucker Hat as a stylish and comfortable gift. The hat’s durable construction, from flexible bills to structured front panels, withstands daily wear. While some expected a different brim shape, most reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Fitted & Snapback Hats

Fitted and Snapback hats exemplify Branded Bills’ commitment to classic appeal and comfort. Fitted hats feature traditional ballcap form with structured wool build and sweat-resistant fabrics, while Snapbacks offer vintage appeal with adjustable closures and high crown silhouettes designed for customization.

Fitted Hat Reviews

Customers praise the construction and comfort of Branded Bills Fitted Hats, though some mention inconsistencies in sizing. The premium fabrics and precise colors are well-received, though mixed reactions regarding flex-fit bands and tighter proportions exist. While these are minor issues, consistency in contour and presentation could enhance perceived value.

What else?

Branded Bills extends its passion for customization and quality beyond hats into casualwear essentials like t-shirts, hoodies and our favorite Cortarto Hooded Henley. Their tees and pullovers provide blank canvases for customization, made from premium fabrics for style and comfort. This lets you complement your signature hats with casual pieces that reflect your unique style.

In the style game, standing out means crafting gear with both soul and style. Branded Bills excels at this, offering personalized, high-quality hats and apparel. Each piece, from snapbacks to tees, is designed for comfort and durability, serving as a canvas for self-expression. Branded Bills empowers you to showcase your best self through their thoughtfully crafted gear.


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