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Branded Bills

American Apparel Brand
Brand Profile

Founded in 2015 by four ambitious entrepreneurs—Dave Dickert, Josh Tabaj, Tim Welch, and Sam Coil—Branded Bills Headwear sparked a revolution in state-pride headwear. Headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, the company pioneered a novel headwear customization process involving branding irons and knives to create one-of-a-kind leather patches representing all 50 states. This innovation propelled them to rapid growth and multiple expansions from their humble garage origins.

Rather than deliver generic, cookie-cutter apparel, Branded Bills makes products that reflect customers’ unique stories and passions. As co-founder Dickert stated, “We create what mirrors our customers’ diverse lives and interests.” This approach of customization and individuality has struck a chord with various demographics—from nonprofit organizations to major businesses and beyond.

Central to the company’s appeal is its commitment to quality craftsmanship. Branded Bills’ American-made hats and apparel spotlight hand-forged leather patches that add signature appeal. Customers can select designs representing their home state or symbolic images representing what moves them. The options are vast, enabling self-expression through fashion rather than one-size-fits-all conformity.

In an industry flooded with mass-produced products, Branded Bills Headwear stands apart. Their expandable operations have scaled rapidly while retaining a startup spirit and focus on customization. Ultimately, Branded Bills sells more than just stylish hats and apparel. Their products tell stories of pride, passion, and diverse journeys.






Mesa, AZ, USA

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