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Athleisure Bags Carry the Load for Performance and Style

Bags to an athleisure fit are like Kobe to Shaq – indispensable partners elevating the game. In athleisure, bags aren’t just accessories; they’re key players. We dive into top brands like Ekster, Boundary Supply Black Ember, and Aplaka Gear–all players in the athleisure bag game.

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It’s time to level up your bag game in 2024? Our FAQ section dives deep into men’s athleisure bags, breaking down the latest trends from belt totes to backpacks. Don’t be left out carrying last season’s style.
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Trending types include belt totes, crossbody bags, backpacks, and oversized bags, catering to various styles and functional needs.
What types of bags are popular for athleisure wear?
Designer brands like HUGO, Lacoste, and Tommy Hilfiger offer stylish athleisure bags, including vegan leather backpacks and duffle bags.
Style first. Then look for features like water-resistant materials, multiple compartments, and comfortable straps for easy carrying.
Many athleisure bags are versatile enough to be used for both gym sessions and professional settings.
Some of the top brands include Black Ember, Ekster, Alpaka, Boundary Supply, and Public Rec, and they offer a range of men’s athleisure bags, including backpacks, totes, crossbodies, and travel bags.
Look for brands that use recycled materials or eco-friendly practices in their bag production.
Brands offer a variety of bags in athleisure style that are perfect for everyday use. Black Ember and Ekster are two leading bag manufacturers.
Prices vary, from affordable options around $35 to more premium designer bags costing several hundred dollars.
Many athleisure bags are designed with durability and weather resistance, making them suitable for outdoor sports and activities.

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