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What does BYLT stand for?

What does BYLT Stand for?

The acronym “BYLT” in BYLT Basics does not mean anything specific; it is simply the brand name. BYLT Basics is an athleisure brand known for high-quality clothing, such as hoodies, jackets, joggers, and other casualwear. 

Their marketing focuses on the enhanced quality and craftsmanship of their basics, which they suggest are ‘built’ to last, which might be a play on the word “built,” reflected in their brand name “BYLT.”

There’s another company in an adjacent space called DrinkBYLT. They are an electrolyte sports drink for athletes, formulated with patented SmartCarb® technology to aid in faster hydration, enhanced endurance, and improved recovery. 

“BYLT” is an acronym for “Beyond Your Limit Training,” emphasizing the brand’s commitment to enhancing athletic performance. The drink is plant-based, with amino acids and clinically dosed ingredients, and is free from artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. The company behind DrinkBYLT also produces branded apparel, including t-shirts, to promote its brand.

Our Top Picks: BYLT Basics

BYLT Coastal Overshirt
BYLT Coastal Overshirt
BYLT Elite+ Hybrid Jacket
BYLT Elite+ Hybrid Jacket

Interested in seeing more product spotlights? See our latest BYLT Basics Collection, which includes our favorite pieces and new product drops. 


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