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Ekster vs Ridge

Ekster vs Ridge: Which Wallets Are Better? 

In the video review below, Austin analyzes two popular minimalist wallet options—the Ridge Wallet and Ekster Carhholder—and evaluates their designs, durability, and ease of use from his point of view.

The Ridge Wallet, known for its two-plate construction, facilitates access by utilizing a notch that fans cards outwards. Austin praises its straightforward design and durable aluminum build that shows minimal signs of wear even after sustained use. He notes that while it provides a cash strap, transitioning to a money clip requires additional components.

The Ekster Cardholder features an interior push-button mechanism that fans card out on both sides for swift front and back access. Austin explains that the leading compartment stores up to six cards, with supplemental external capacity on the rear plate. Unlike the Ridge, he points out that Ekster does not cater to money clips but integrates a similar cash strap feature into its existing design.

Austin observes that both wallets retail at premium price points, with the Ekster at around $89 and the Ridge at approximately $95. He says more opulent variants with carbon fiber or gold embellishments fetch higher amounts.

In terms of resilience, he finds that the metal and carbon fiber Ridge Wallets maintain structural integrity better over time than Ekster’s plastic-leather blend. However, Austin highlights that Ekster’s fan mechanism enables more straightforward card retrieval, granting immediate access to any card, not just the outermost ones.

Stylistically, he notes that both have visual appeal, but Austin prefers Ekster’s more dynamic look. He points out that brand familiarity favors the veteran Ridge as a mainstream selection, contrasting Ekster’s more tech-forward identity.

On the whole, Austin exhibits greater partiality towards the novel functionality built into the Ekster despite lingering uncertainty around the long-term viability of moving components, according to his review. For users prioritizing reliability, he acknowledges that the time-tested metallic Ridge remains a pragmatic pick.

wWhile Austin notes that both wallets exhibit merits according to his comparative analysis, Ekster’s innovative format and enhanced practicality position it as the preferred recommendation. However, he concedes that Ridge’s traditionalist construction continues to earn advocates, especially among those valuing durability as a critical wallet attribute.


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