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GoldFusion by Rhone Powers High-Tech Athletic Apparel

GoldFusion by Rhone Powers High-Tech Athletic Apparel

Rhone Apparel’s proprietary GoldFusion technology represents a cutting-edge advancement aiming to elevate performance attributes for premium activewear. This exclusive fabrication treatment couples odor-eliminating, quick-dry fabric finishes with an environmentally responsible application process.

Table: Breakdown of GoldFusion Features & Benefits

GoldFusion’s mineral-based antimicrobial finish leverages natural compounds to create a durable protective layer limiting bacterial growth on fabric surfaces.

Microbes cannot feed on sweat to generate foul body odor, disrupting cell reproduction. GoldFusion’s odor-fighting barrier remains intact even through abrasion from extreme activity or repeated laundering.

Increasing breathability and accelerated dry times supplement the technology’s odor control capabilities. GoldFusion alters synthetic fiber surfaces at a nano level to improve moisture dispersion and wicked evaporation.

Treated apparel releases over 25% more sweat vapor, ensuring both next-to-skin layers and outer performance shells stay lightweight and dry.

GoldFusion also smooths fabric to reduce surface friction, which can degrade performance. By enhancing durability, garments maintain compression, shape retention, and protection from the elements over repeated wear. This leads to extended useful lifecycles and saving resources.

Rhone processes GoldFusion through an environmentally responsible system using minimal chemistry free from dangerous solvents. This lifecycle approach combines durably protective and fast-drying fabric finishes with a small operational footprint – ideal for today’s eco-conscious and performance-focused men’s activewear market.

This video explains GoldFusion in more detail.


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