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When iconic surfer Kelly Slater joined forces with designer John Moore in 2015, their goal was loftier than simply starting a clothing company. They aimed to transform the entire fashion industry through a relentless commitment to sustainability. That vision manifested as Outerknown Clothing, the Culver City-based brand striving to prove that style and eco-consciousness need not be mutually exclusive.

The company has made remarkable progress toward realizing Slater and Moore’s ambitions in just seven years. Outerknown has fostered transparency and collaboration throughout its supply chain, from the organic cotton farmers they partner with to the renewable energy-powered factories crafting their clothes. These initiatives help explain their impressive growth, with $36 million in annual revenue and a workforce nearing 50 strong.

But financial success pales in comparison to Outerknown’s environmental wins. Early on, they confronted skepticism about the viability of sustainable fashion, struggling to find manufacturing allies who met their stringent ethical standards. Undeterred, Slater and Moore focused on organic materials, economical production techniques, and innovative fabrics like Econyl, made from recycled fishing nets and carpets.

These measures have paid dividends. Today, over 95% of the cotton they use is organic, a figure they are pushing to 100%. Through their partnership with regenerative agriculture advocates Bergman Rivers, Outerknown empowers cotton farmers across the globe to adopt greener practices while securing fair wages.

While Outerknown began by selling only menswear, it has since expanded into stylish yet sustainable womenswear. Their product range now includes shirts, jeans, sweaters, and accessories for all genders, blending durability and eco-friendliness.

But this progress only marks the beginning for Slater, Moore, and their team. With goals set to become a fully circular company by 2030, Outerknown continues to push the boundaries of sustainable apparel through recycled materials and innovative initiatives to keep its products in use longer.

Seven years since its founding, Outerknown’s bigger vision is coming into focus – a future for fashion where ethics and sustainability reign supreme.






Culver City, CA, USA

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