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Is Outerknown a Good Brand?

Is Outerknown a Good Brand?

Well, it depends on your definition of “good.”

Outerknown might be right up your alley if your priorities lean towards environmental responsibility. They prioritize sustainability, utilizing organic, recycled, and regenerated materials for over 90% of their offerings. This dedication is evident in their choice of manufacturing partners who adhere to strict safety and well-being standards for their workers.

Customers have praised the high quality of materials, like the organic cotton/silk blend in the Blanket Shirt, making items like the S.E.A. Jeans and Sojourn Tees notable for their premium feel. The brand’s aesthetic offers casual and adaptable clothing options.

However, the brand isn’t without its drawbacks. Issues with sizing and fit, particularly in women’s clothing, which some find lacks proper adjustment for shape and cut, have been noted. The size guides provided can sometimes lead to inaccurate selections.

Furthermore, a few customers have raised concerns over the products’ longevity and value for money, citing instances like jeans tearing after regular use. The brand’s pricing strategy has also been questioned, with some deeming the items overpriced relative to their manufacturing quality.

Additionally, Outerknown’s return policy is seen as restrictive, especially since it excludes sale items, and some customers have experienced challenges in dealing with customer service to address their concerns.

Who Owns Outerknown? 

Professional surfer Kelly Slater and designer John Moore.

Enjoy the video.


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