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Outerknown Blanket Shirt: $168

Outerknown Blanket Shirt: Product Spotlight

Outerknown Blanket Shirt: $168

The Outerknown Blanket Shirt is meticulously crafted from lofty organic cotton twill and features buttons made from corozo nuts. It presents an easy-fit design ideal for layering during cooler weather and includes chest pockets with button flap pockets alongside an organic cotton yoke.

The shirt is made entirely from 100% organic cotton, prioritizing sustainability by eliminating harmful synthetic chemicals in its production, benefiting farmers and the environment. Its natural corozo buttons, derived from tagua palm nuts, offer a sustainable alternative to plastic.

This garment stands out for its sustainable materials and thoughtful design. Using organic cotton not only ensures a reduction in environmental impact but also promotes safer working conditions. The unique choice of corozo nut buttons emphasizes the brand’s commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Its design facilitates easy layering, making it versatile for varying weather conditions. It merges practicality with conscious manufacturing with features like chest pockets for utility and a comfortable fit.

Chroma Blanket Shirt Features & Benefits

Lofty organic cotton twillOffers comfort and durability, reducing environmental impact.
Corozo nut buttonsProvides a sustainable alternative to plastic, emphasizing eco-friendly practices.
Easy-fit designIdeal for layering, enhancing versatility in various weather conditions.
Chest pockets with button flap pocketsAdds practical utility for carrying essentials.
100% organic cottonEliminates harmful synthetic chemicals, benefiting farmers and the environment.
Organic cotton yokeSupports sustainability and adds to the shirt’s structural integrity.
Sustainable productionPromotes safer working conditions and a lower environmental footprint.
Versatile designMerges practicality with conscious manufacturing, making it a stylish, eco-friendly wardrobe addition.

The Blanket Shirt benefits from its sustainable production and versatile design, making it an eco-friendly and practical addition to any wardrobe. It is a comfortable layering option that doesn’t compromise style or environmental values.

Customer Reviews

Customers have mixed feelings about the Blanket Shirt. On the positive side, many commend its quality, comfort, and the perfect fit, stating it as their “go-to” shirt and praising its superiority to other flannels.

The shirt’s cozy feel and quality craftsmanship have made it a favorite among those who own multiple pieces. However, some customers have raised concerns about sizing inconsistencies, mentioning that specific colors or versions fit larger or longer than expected.

Additionally, discrepancies in color representation and fit compared to previous versions have led to some dissatisfaction, with a few customers noting the need to size down or exchange for a better fit.

Despite these sizing and color issues, the overall sentiment remains positive, with many highlighting the shirt’s comfort and style. Outerknown receives praise for its commitment to sustainability and quality, further enhancing customer trust and loyalty.

Bonus. Check this video review of the Blanket Shirt.


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