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Gola Men's Shoes

Gola Men’s Shoes: Product Spotlight

With over a century of shoemaking behind its name, Gola has mastered the craft of functional design, woven into classic sneakers for both everyday wear and standout style.

Table: Gola Shoes Breakdown

Product NamePriceFeaturesBenefits
1905 Men’s Sentry Engineered Garment Sneakers$280.00Limited edition, all-white, full-grain leather and suede, minimalist cup sole, cushioned leather in-sockHigh-quality materials, durable, exclusive design, comfortable insole
Gola Classics Men’s Eagle Sneakers$110.00Classic court style, off-white/navy, vintage look, terry toweling lining, off-white cup solesStylish design, homage to tennis heritage, comfortable lining
Gola Classics Men’s Chicago Sneakers$57.50’80s jogger style, parachute nylon and suede, phylon midsoleAffordable, trendy, comfortable midsole, durable materials
Gola Classics Men’s Allcourt High Sneakers$70.001980s court style, high-top, leather, chunky sole, white/black colorwayRetro aesthetics, modern comfort, durable leather
Gola Classics Men’s Grandslam Classic Sneakers$57.50White leather, classic court style, Gola wing flash, gold brandingClean, elegant design, affordable, timeless style
Gola Classics Men’s Hawk Sneakers$110.00’80s court-sport inspired, leather/suede/mesh, two-color cup soleBlends retro aesthetics with modern comfort, versatile design for everyday wear

The brand’s line of Gola Classics, spanning high tops, boots, and sneakers, encapsulates this mastery in aesthetic yet eminently practical footwear. Gola translates its rich history into a palette of colors and styles to suit any taste, from soccer cleats to sneaker boots, rendered in quality materials built to last years of everyday use.

Modern updates to these classic Gola shoes in the men’s collection showcase the brand’s adaptability across eras and commitment to reinventing iconic designs. Court sneakers, leather high tops, heritage runners – all reimagined with fine-tuned details and new material blends optimized for active comfort.

Such ultra-flexible lightweight designs trade off some arch support and shock absorption compared to performance athletic shoes. Gola’s tendency to sculpt shoes with a narrow European fit means sizing up is sometimes necessary to achieve that custom locked-in feel Gola’s comfort embodies.

But for men looking to lace up subway-friendly kicks that can easily carry them from client meetings to happy hour, Gola fuses a peerless trifecta of throwback style, agile comfort, and premium construction that leaves little wanting for daily wear that turns heads.

That secret ingredient is heritage – over a hundred years of refinement woven into the very sole of each Gola sneaker made today.

Gola Made in England – 1905 Men’s Sentry Engineered Garment Sneakers

The Gola Classics Men’s Sentry Engineered Garment Sneakers, priced at $280.00, is a limited edition collaboration in an all-white color scheme. Initially launched in 2005 to celebrate Gola’s centenary year, these sneakers feature a minimalist cup sole with side wall stitching and are made of full-grain leather and plush suede.

They are detailed with tonal Gola branding and a cushioned leather in-sock with the Gola for Engineered Garments de-bossed logo.

Gola Classics Men’s Eagle Sneakers

The Gola Classics Men’s Eagle Sneakers are classic court-style shoes priced at $110.00. They feature a minimalist design with understated panels and old-school upper perforations. The sneakers are presented in an off-white and navy blue combination, paying homage to Gola’s tennis heritage.

These shoes include a vintage sports look, old-school terry toweling lining, and off-white cup soles.

Gola Classics Men’s Chicago Sneakers

The Gola Classics Men’s Chicago Trainers, priced at $57.50, are jogger-style sneakers inspired by the 1980s. They feature a parachute nylon upper and a phylon midsole, offering a balance of form and function in a silhouette that aligns with contemporary trends.

These sneakers are available in an off-white/rhino/black color scheme. Their design includes nylon and suede materials, emphasizing their heritage and classic style.

Gola Classics Men’s Allcourt High Sneakers

The Gola Classics Men’s Allcourt High Sneakers, priced at $70.00, are inspired by 1980s court styles. They feature a high-top design with a chunky off-white sole and a sleek white and black colorway. The upper is crafted from leather, offering durability and style.

These sneakers are designed for those who appreciate retro aesthetics and modern comfort.

Gola Classics Men’s Grandslam Classic Sneakers

The Gola Classics Men’s Grandslam Classic Sneakers are priced at $57.50. These white leather sneakers feature a clean and classic court style, enhanced with contrasting Gola wing flash and heel tab in heritage green tones.

The design is complemented by gold Gola branding, offering a refined and elegant look.

Gola Classics Men’s Hawk Sneakers

The Gola Classics Men’s Hawk Sneakers are priced at $110.00 and reflect a court-sport-inspired design from the ’80s. They feature a combination of leather, suede, and mesh in a white-and-black color scheme.

The design includes a two-color cup sole, presenting a relaxed and old-school vibe. These sneakers are ideal for everyday wear, blending retro aesthetics with modern comfort.

Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate the comfort and style of Gola shoes, particularly highlighting the wider toe box that accommodates different foot shapes and the brand’s retro designs that catch the eye. These attributes make Gola sneakers a favored choice for individuals seeking both aesthetic appeal and functional comfort in their footwear.

On the flip side, some customers have expressed disappointment with the durability and quality of Gola shoes. Reports of soles detaching from uppers and materials deteriorating within a few months of moderate use raise concerns about the product’s longevity.

Additionally, sizing inconsistencies have led to recommendations to size up for a better fit, complicating the purchasing process for new customers. Complaints also extend to the waterproofing capabilities of specific models, including walking boots, which fall short of expectations.

Furthermore, dissatisfaction with customer service—highlighted by unresponsiveness and a lack of assistance in addressing issues with faulty products—adds a layer of frustration for affected customers.

While Gola’s stylish and initially comfortable offerings attract positive attention, potential buyers should weigh these benefits against the noted issues of durability, sizing, waterproofing, and customer service before deciding. Despite these challenges, Gola’s dedication to delivering footwear with distinctive designs continues to be a strong point for the brand.

Final Thoughts

Gola’s journey through the world of athleisure footwear is not just a story of fashion but a testament to enduring craftsmanship and adaptability. The brand’s centennial expertise is not confined to mere aesthetics; it’s a deeper philosophy that balances tradition with innovation.

By infusing contemporary materials and designs into time-honored styles, Gola presents an array of shoes that resonate with men who value form and function. This strategy mirrors a broader cultural shift, where the appreciation for the past is leveraged to enhance present-day experiences, offering familiar and fresh pieces.

The diverse range of Gola Classics, from the engineered elegance of the 1905 Men’s Sentry to the relaxed charm of the Hawk Sneakers, underscores a commitment to variety without overwhelming the brand’s foundational identity. Each pair bridges the wearer and a rich heritage, encapsulating moments of history in a wearable format.

This blend of quality, design, and history positions Gola not merely as a shoemaker but as a curator of stories, encouraging individuals to step into shoes that are more than just fabric and thread. The essence of Gola’s offering lies in its ability to offer not just shoes but narratives, making every step an expression of personal and collective history.


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