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British Shoe Brand
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British shoemaker Gola has woven a rich legacy into the fabric of athletic footwear over the past century, enduring through eras of tremendous change to emerge today as a leader in sustainable style.

Founded in a small English factory in 1905 as the Bozeat Boot Company, Gola shares patriarch Joseph William Foster with Reebok – having sparked his shoemaking career handcrafting spikes for track stars of the early 20th century. Acquired by the Jacobson Group over a hundred years later, Gola expanded from its humble Northamptonshire village origins across Europe with flagship sneakers like the ever-popular “Harrier” and “Chase” models.

Shepherded by businessmen Maurice Fry and Alan Cowell in the swinging ‘70s, Gola struck gold with international sensation the Gola Bag in 1972 – soon sponsoring English football’s revered Alliance Premier League during its “Gola League” years between 1984 and 1986. Those glory days etched fond memories into the hearts of British youth, many of whom now rediscover their nostalgic passion for the brand as adults seeking premium retro runners.
Beyond this resilient history, Gola also crafts an innovative future – weaving environmental consciousness into the very fabric of its footwear and branding.

Today, over 75% of Gola sneaker uppers are woven from sustainably recycled polyurethane. Shoeboxes and packaging stem from 100% recycled cardboard and plastic-free materials. Vegan models certified by the Vegan Society offer customers animal-free options aligned with ecological values.

Gola has become a leading ethical and sustainable fashion brand by adopting various eco-friendly measures. These measures include providing complimentary footwear recycling, sourcing leather, wood, and canvas materials only from certified sustainable sources, and conducting audits of production facilities to ensure compliance with strict ethical standards. By doing so, Gola has positioned itself as a pioneer in sustainable fashion for the present and the future.






Manchester, UK

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