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Outerknown Cloud Weave Shirt

Outerknown Cloud Weave Shirt: Product Spotlight

Outerknown Cloud Weave Shirt: $198

The Outerknown Cloud Weave Shirt redefines classic plaid with its signature Cloud Weave texture. This piece draws inspiration from the popular Blanket Shirt, but it’s a loftier, looser weave that adds an entirely new dimension to button-up attire. 

The shirt is made from heavyweight twill, incorporates environmentally friendly buttons made from nuts, and is constructed entirely from 100% organic cotton. 

This shirt is perfect for layering over tees, pairing with cashmere, or complementing blue jeans for a versatile and stylish look.

Key features include:

  • Timelessly classic plaid in a unique Cloud Weave texture.
  • Made from 100% organic cotton for a soft, breathable feel.
  • Heavyweight twill fabric with eco-friendly corozo buttons made from nuts.
  • Designed for versatility, it is perfect for layering with various outfits.

The Outerknown Cloud Weave Shirt elevates your style and embraces sustainability with its organic cotton and natural corozo buttons, ensuring minimal environmental impact. Its heavyweight twill offers durability and warmth, making it ideal for cooler weather.

This shirt’s unique texture and versatility make it a standout piece for casual and formal occasions, seamlessly integrating into the modern professional’s wardrobe who values style and sustainability.

Cloud Weave Shirt Features & Benefits

Customer Reviews

Customers have a strong affinity for Outerknown, specifically the Cloud Weave Shirt. It’s described as providing a comforting, “home away from home” feel, with many appreciating the shirt’s versatility as both a garment and a statement piece.

The fit receives mixed reviews; some find it perfect and tailored, highlighting its warmth and the compliments it garners, while others note it as being on the snugger side, suggesting potential exploration of larger sizes for a more relaxed fit.

Despite concerns over fit, the shirt’s material quality and aesthetic appeal are consistently lauded. It’s deemed essential for cooler weather, ideal for layering, and recognized for its larger-than-expected collar size. The color variety, particularly the need for lighter shades, and the shirt’s pairing potential with items like Sea Jeans are also highlighted, establishing it as a go-to for casual and work-from-home settings.

However, some feedback points towards the desire for a more proportionate collar size and a broader range of colors. These minor critiques notwithstanding, the Cloud Weave Shirt is celebrated for its superior comfort, quality, and style, with many customers eagerly awaiting restocks to add more to their collection.

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