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Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer

Ministry of Supply Kinetic Blazer: Product Spotlight

Ministry of Supply Men’s Kinetic Blazer: $348

The Ministry of Supply Men’s Kinetic Blazer is made from 100% Primeflex® Warp-knit Japanese Polyester, of which 15% is corn-based; this blazer offers a unique blend of durability and eco-conscious production.

The 2022 version boasts an updated fit true to size, ensuring a flattering fit for various body types. Its warp-knit fabric facilitates a 4-way stretch, delivering unparalleled mobility without compromising the blazer’s structured appearance. Designed for convenience, it is unlined to maximize movement and is not DWR-treated, focusing on comfort and versatility.

One of the Kinetic Blazer’s standout features is its natural resistance to wrinkles. Utilizing body heat, it relaxes and releases wrinkles within fifteen minutes, eliminating the need for chemical treatments.

Additionally, its quick-dry capability effectively wicks moisture away, maintaining a comfortable and sweat-free microclimate during intense activities.

Kinetic Blazer Features

Design and StyleWrinkle-resistantMaintains sharp look with minimal care
Material and ComfortHydrophilic interior, hydrophobic exteriorSweat-wicking, moisture dispersion
Fit and SizingTailored designComfortable fit for various body types
Performance and DurabilityWater repellent, machine washableEasy to clean and durable
FunctionalityLow maintenance, dryer friendlyIdeal for on-the-go, busy schedules

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed serious love for Ministry of Supply and the Kinetic Blazer, praising its comfort, stretchability, and professional appearance that rivals a traditional dinner jacket. Its ease of care, requiring no ironing, makes it a favorite among travelers.

However, some customers have noted fit issues, particularly for specific body types, suggesting that the blazer may not suit everyone perfectly. There was similar feedback about the Kinetic Pants.

The updated fit and lack of a shiny finish have been well-received for workplace suitability. At the same time, the versatility and easy maintenance of the blazer have been highlighted as key advantages.

Despite its many positive attributes, a few customers have advised that the sizing can run tight, recommending purchasing a size larger than usual. Additionally, concerns have been raised about sleeve length relative to shoulder width, though this has been a minor issue for most, as adjustments are relatively straightforward.


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