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Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer

Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer: Product Spotlight

Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer: $340

The Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer is crafted from a lightweight 100% polyester fabric, weighing 5.99 oz per yard, designed for the modern traveler. The fabric’s moisture-wicking and quick-dry capabilities ensure comfort and convenience, while its machine washability and wrinkle resistance eliminate the need for ironing.

The blazer features a perforated back lining and unlined sleeves to enhance ventilation and a double-vented back for added mobility.

The Blazer’s 10-pocket system, including seven interior security pockets, provides ample storage for essentials without compromising style. This design was realized after a successful Kickstarter campaign, highlighting its demand and unique qualities.

It caters to the desire for a practical blazer for travel and professional settings, offering an effortless blend of comfort, durability, and style.

Bluffworks Blazer Features & Benefits

Moisture wicking, quick-dry fabricKeeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day
Machine washableEasy to clean and maintain without special care
Wrinkle resistant, no iron requiredAlways looks polished and ready to wear without the need for ironing
Perforated back lining + unlined sleevesProvides ventilation to keep you cool and comfortable
Double vented backEnhances breathability and mobility
10 pockets, including 7 interior security pocketsOffers ample storage space for essentials, keeping them secure and organized
Lightweight (5.99 oz per yard) 100% polyester fabricProvides lightweight comfort ideal for all-day wear

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer for its well-tailored fit and comfort, likening it to a hoodie rather than a traditional blazer, which makes it suitable for long flights or travel.

The lightweight and wrinkle-resistant properties, along with the blazer’s durability and ability to maintain its appearance despite rigorous use, have been highlighted as significant advantages.

However, some customers have noted issues with fit, particularly with sleeve length and breathability, despite its anti-wrinkle performance and machine washability.

The need for potential alterations and the mixed experiences with the blazer’s fabric feeling has been mentioned, suggesting room for customization and material breathability improvement.

Bluffworks‘ commitment to creating practical, low-effort, and problem-solving apparel is evident in the Gramercy Blazer. The brand has received a commendation for its responsive support staff, reinforcing its dedication to customer satisfaction and quality service.


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