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Rhone Commuter Blazer

Rhone Commuter Blazer: Product Spotlight

Rhone Commuter Blazer: $298.00

The Rhone Commuter Blazer is crafted from Flex-Knit® fabric, a lightweight material that combines easy care with four-way stretch for maximum versatility. It is designed for work, travel, and commuting. This blazer comes in Slim and Classic fits to cater to different preferences. 

Key features include:

  • A two-button front closure.
  • Double-welt flap pockets.
  • A single welt chest pocket.

The interior is partially lined for comfort and includes two drop-in pockets and a hidden zipper pocket for securing valuables. The sleeves are lined, and a double back vent enhances mobility. Notably, the fabric incorporates recycled polyester, aligning with eco-friendly practices.

This blazer’s semi-constructed design balances formal and casual wear. It’s engineered to maintain a polished appearance while accommodating an active lifestyle. 

The blend of recycled polyester in the Flex-Knit® fabric ensures durability and environmental consciousness. Its design prioritizes function and style with multiple pockets for practicality and ease of movement, thanks to the fabric’s stretch and the blazer’s double back vent.

Part of Rhone’s collection harmonizes sophistication with on-the-move versatility; this refined blazer transitions smoothly from client meetings to evening events.

Commuter Blazer Features & Benefits

Flex-Knit® fabricEnsures comfort and mobility
Partially lined interiorEnhances comfort and flexibility
Interior pocketsProvides secure storage for valuables
Double back ventImproves mobility
Recycled polyesterSupports environmental sustainability
Semi-constructed designOffers a balance between formal and casual styling

Customer Reviews

Customers appreciate the Rhone Commuter Blazer for its blend of comfort and adaptability. The fabric’s breathability and elasticity are frequently mentioned, allowing for a snug yet unrestrictive fit that moves with the body.

This makes the blazer ideal for travel or extended periods. The fit, described by some as akin to a “glove,” and the garment’s overall flexibility are highlights, especially for those seeking an athletic cut.

However, opinions vary on the blazer’s formality. Individuals looking for a relaxed style find the blazer’s modern and casual design appealing, especially for informal office environments.

On the other hand, those needing a more traditional, formal look point out the lack of padded structure, which might not meet the requirements of conservative business settings.

Despite this, the Rhone Commuter Blazer is praised for its ability to balance professional and casual, offering a solution for those preferring to stay comfortable while looking sharp.


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