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Does Huron Eye Stick Work?

Does Huron Eye Stick Work?

Short answer: Yes, 100%.

I don’t feel it, but I’m starting to look it. After years of neglecting proper skincare, the signs of aging caught up with me – fine lines, dark circles, sagging skin, and wrinkles had become noticeable. I knew I had to take my skincare routine more seriously before it was too late.

My Skincare Journey Begins

In early 2022, my daughter recommended I try the Disco Eye Stick to tackle my under-eye issues. I had noticed them for a while but ignored them. Having never used an eye product before, I was skeptical but decided to try it. After using it diligently for six months, I was blown away by the results. 

The skin under my eyes looked firmer, dark circles were reduced, and fine lines were less noticeable. My daughter was right, and she always reminds me about it. The Disco Eye Stick worked.

The Quest to Find an Alternative

Everything was going well until Disco filed for bankruptcy in November 2023. Panic set in – can I find a comparable eye treatment? I turned to Google and TikTok to find an alternative.

After hours of researching eye creams and sticks, watching YouTube videos, and creator reviews, I came across Huron Skincare. The reviews for their Eye Stick caught my attention – men in their 40s and 50s were raving about the dramatic results. I decided to take a chance and order it.

And let me tell you…it was one of the best skincare decisions I’ve ever made!

The Results

Within a few weeks of using Huron’s Eye Stick, the skin around my eyes looked even better. Puffiness and dark circles were drastically reduced, fine lines and crow’s feet were less noticeable, and my undereye area looked firmer.

The stick glides smoothly, absorbs quickly, and leaves no oily residue. I was so thrilled with the eye stick that I began exploring Huron’s other products. Their Body Wash, Shampoo, and Conditioner deliver equally impressive results.

At 50, I’ve finally found a practical, fuss-free skincare routine that works with Huron. Their products are now staples in my self-care regimen. The Eye Stick has been a game-changer, and I tell all my friends about it, too.


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