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American Skincare Brand
Brand Profile

Huron entered the men’s grooming arena in 2018 as the brainchild of entrepreneurs Matt Mullenax and industry veteran Matt Teri. Together, they aimed to shake up a sector they saw as overlooking the pragmatic male consumer through costly, complex solutions. Mullenax’s history of struggling with skin problems opened his eyes to the dearth of reasonably-priced skincare catering to men’s practical needs and sensibilities.

Armed with seed funding and a direct-to-consumer online retail model, Huron debuted in 2019 with a tightly curated line focusing on high-performing essentials like body wash, face wash, and lightweight moisturizers. The brand immediately caught fire on social media through an authentic, conversational voice that resonated with men tired of superficial marketing gimmicks. Positive word-of-mouth and influencer endorsements spotlighted the products’ instant yet lasting effectiveness for issues like acne and razor bumps.

Buoyed by glowing feedback, Huron continues to strategically broaden its product range as a holistic men’s grooming brand. As of 2023, the Huron family now encompasses over 15 purpose-driven offerings spanning haircare, skincare, and styling categories – all crafted for simplicity and efficacy at accessible price points under $20. Significant investments have fueled the brand’s swift rise at the intersection of quality and value. Accolades continue pouring in, including Esquire’s 2022 Best Shampoo award, cementing Huron as a leader celebrated for bringing premium performance without needless markups.

Now digitally shopable through its site and mass retailers, Huron shows no signs of slowing its ascent armed with an intimate understanding of the modern male mindset. The brand remains devoted to empowering men to take control of daily care through practical solutions designed for real life. In four short years, the scrappy upstart has firmly established itself as a formidable player to upend stale assumptions; where others see restraint, Huron sees possibility.






New York, NY, USA

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