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Vuori Coronado Hoodie

Vuori Coronado Hoodie: Product Spotlight

Vuori Coronado Hoodie $138

The Vuori Coronado Hoodie is made with 87% recycled polyester with 13% elastane to create an ultra-soft, brushed-back experience. It features an athletic fit tailored for active use, incorporating 4-way stretch technology that ensures freedom of movement while maintaining shape.

Additionally, its moisture-wicking and quick-dry capabilities enhance its performance for various activities, and its commitment to using recycled materials marks a step towards sustainability.

This hoodie is engineered for comfort and functionality. The recycled polyester and elastane mix promotes environmental sustainability and offers high comfort and durability.

Its athletic fit accommodates various body types without compromising movement or style. Its moisture-wicking and quick-dry technologies make it an excellent choice for intense workouts and casual wear.

Coronado Hoodie Features & Benefits

Design and StyleHeathered texture, soft brushed backStylish, modern look
Material and ComfortPerformance knit constructionDurable and comfortable
Fit and SizingDesigned for versatilitySuitable for various body types
Performance and DurabilityPromotes warmth and breathabilityIdeal for active and relaxed settings
FunctionalityIdeal for lounging or post-workout wearPractical for relaxation and recovery

Customer Reviews

The Coronado Hoodie is highly regarded for its exceptional comfort and snug fit, making it a favorite for daily wear. Customers often describe it as “soft and snuggly,” highlighting the cozy feel that sets it apart. The style and construction are also praised, with many appreciating its sleek design and overall aesthetic.

However, some customers have expressed concerns over sizing inconsistencies, suggesting it may run tighter than expected. Additionally, a few reviews mention a perceived decrease in quality over time, questioning the product’s value given its price point.

Positive feedback centers on the hoodie’s comfort, style, and fit, with many customers recommending it for its versatility and cozy feel. Yet, the critique about sizing and quality hints at areas for improvement. Despite a few reservations, the overall sentiment leans positively towards Vuori, with the product’s comfort and aesthetic appeal standing out.


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