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Western Rise AirLoft Jacket

Western Rise AirLoft Jacket: Product Spotlight

Western Rise AirLoft Jacket: $124.00

The Western Rise AirLoft Jacket is designed collaboratively by chemists and tested by athletes. It emphasizes functionality with its temperature regulation, breathability, and water resistance.

It’s crafted to accommodate active lifestyles without sacrificing comfort, featuring a durable, stain-proof fabric that remains lightweight and packable.

The AirLoft Hooded Jacket incorporates Toray’s innovative 40g 3DeFX+® Active Insulation in both body and arms, ensuring warmth without bulk. Its exterior is made from Primeflex® polyester, treated with C6 DWR for enhanced dirt, stain, and weather resistance, while the interior remains comfortable with 100% polyester lining.

This athleisure jacket is characterized by its 4-way stretch capability, making it versatile for various weather conditions and activities. The packable back pocket makes travelers convenient, highlighting the jacket’s design for adaptability and ease of use.

Western Rise AirLoft Hooded Jacket Features

Design and StyleLightweight, insulated fabric with hoodStylish and practical for various settings
Material and ComfortProvides warmth without bulkComfortable for layering, suitable for different weather
Fit and SizingSuitable for various body typesVersatile fit for different individuals
Performance and DurabilityWater-resistant, windproof, durable constructionLong-lasting, reliable in different weather conditions
FunctionalityIdeal for unexpected weather shifts, urban and outdoor usePractical for maintaining comfort in varying environments

Customer Reviews

Customers like the Airloft hooded jacket, praising its versatility across various temperatures and conditions. One customer highlighted the jacket’s ability to provide warmth in 20-30-degree weather in New York and comfort in the milder 55-60-degree range at Disneyland, noting its effectiveness without causing overheating.

Many also appreciate the jacket’s lightweight yet durable design, which provides excellent insulation without being too warm and allows for easy movement. The jacket’s ability to shed light rain and act as a down alternative in wet conditions has also been commended.

However, customers have noted some areas for improvement. Issues with the hood design have been pointed out, particularly its tendency to cover the eyes unless adjusted with a baseball cap, suggesting a need for an adjustment ribbon and a small brim for better functionality.

The cuffs have also received critique for the inner fabric protruding, which, although fixable, has been mentioned as a slight irritation.

Despite these minor criticisms, the overall feedback about Western Rise remains overwhelmingly positive. Customers enjoy the jacket’s fit, quality, and the unexpected bonus of its packability, making it a highly recommended addition for anyone seeking a reliable, all-purpose coat.


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