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Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket

Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket: Product Spotlight

Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket: $99.50

The Western Rise AirLoft Shirt Jacket introduces a high-performance blend of technology and design. It features 100% polyester construction and incorporates 40g Toray 3DeFX+® Active Insulation in both the body and arms, offering a unique balance between warmth, breathability, and flexibility.

The exterior fabric is 100% Primeflex® 50d 102gsm Polyester, complemented by a C6 DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment for enhanced weather resistance. This shirt jacket is optimized for everyday wear and outdoor activities, promising a versatile addition to one’s wardrobe.

AirLoft Technology stands at the core of this garment, utilizing Toray’s innovative 40g 3DeFX+® hollow-core, 4-way stretch insulation. This advanced insulation is designed to deliver superior performance across a broad range of conditions, outperforming other synthetic options in loftiness and warmth.

The jacket’s construction is refined with a self-cleaning, 4-way stretch Primeflex® exterior fabric, ensuring durability and resistance against dirt, stains, and water.

The AirLoft Shirt Jacket is carefully engineered, from fiber to finish, to address common performance issues found in insulated jackets, offering a stylish solution suitable for both urban and outdoor settings.

AirLoft Shirt Jacket Features & Benefits

Design and StyleClassic shirt-jacket hybrid designVersatile for different settings, stylish
Material and ComfortAdvanced, breathable materialsComfortable temperature regulation
Fit and SizingSuitable for layeringAdaptable fit works with various outfits
Performance and DurabilityLightweight yet warm, resistant to wear and tearDurable, ideal for regular use
FunctionalityPractical pockets for essentialsFunctional for carrying everyday items

Customer Reviews

Customers have warmly received the AirLoft Shirt Jacket, praising its versatile nature, comfort, and functionality. It has become a favored travel companion for many, appreciated for its soft touch, water resistance, and breathable insulation. The tailored fit and style have not gone unnoticed, with many receiving compliments on the jacket’s appearance.

Despite its snug fit, which may limit layering options in colder weather, this shirt jacket’s craftsmanship and quality have been consistently commended. The jacket strikes a delicate balance between style and practicality, making it a preferred choice for casual and formal settings.

Western Rise is recognized for its commitment to quality and innovation, which is reflected in the design and performance of the AirLoft Shirt Jacket.


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