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Is Born Primitive Made in the USA?

Is Born Primitive Made in the USA?

Born Primitive is made in the USA. They are headquartered in Virginia Beach, VA, but it’s unclear where the clothing is manufactured.

Bear Handlon and Mallory Handlon founded the company in a garage in 2014 and started by creating compression shorts for Olympic weightlifting. This humble beginning marked the start of a brand that would soon become synonymous with innovation and dedication to the athletic community.

Fast-forward to today, Born Primitive has expanded its product line far beyond compression shorts. The company now offers a variety of items, including the Quiver Half Zip Hoodie, Heritage Henley Hoodie, Sentry Full Zip Hoodie, Versatile Shorts with Compression, Rest Day Athleisure Joggers, Cloud Joggers, and Traverse Pants.

As a veteran-owned business, Born Primitive reflects values such as sacrifice, honor, and a deep appreciation for defending freedoms. Watch the video below. If this doesn’t pump you up, I don’t know what will.

Their dedication to the community is evident through significant charitable contributions, including over $500,000 to organizations supporting the military and first responders and a notable $186,000 raised through their “Back the Gyms” campaign during the COVID-19 pandemic to assist struggling fitness centers.

Born Primitive is not only made in the USA but also embodies the profoundly American spirit of perseverance, community support, and athletic excellence.

As a veteran, this is important to me. Follow them on Instagram.


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