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Born Primitive Sentry Full Zip Hoodie

Born Primitive Sentry Full Zip Hoodie: Product Spotlight

Born Primitive Sentry Full Zip Hoodie: $99.00

The Born Primitive Sentry Full Zip Hoodie is a versatile mid-layer soft shell fleece designed to offer comfort and functionality in various conditions, from a mild 60° to frigid temperatures, when paired with additional layers.

This hoodie is constructed from a blend of 95% polyester and 5% spandex, ensuring flexibility and durability. It features a full zipper for easy wear, front and interior zipper pockets for secure storage, thumbholes for added warmth, and an elongated back hem for extra coverage.

Unique to this hoodie is the integrated face mask/neck gaiter, which provides additional protection against the elements. With its mid-layer classification, the Sentry Full Zip Hoodie is engineered to function as a standalone garment and in conjunction with base layers or outer shells, making it a practical choice for extended outdoor activities or daily wear.

The addition of elastic cuffs, a waistband, specially designed thumbholes, and a built-in face mask enhances its utility and comfort in cooler weather.

Sentry Full Zip Hoodie Features & Benefits

Design and StyleHalf-zip hoodie designStylish, easy to wear
Material and Comfort95% polyester, 5% nylon, GridTek fabricMoisture-wicking, enhances airflow, lightweight comfort
Fit and SizingLightweight at 14.7oz for size largeComfortable and easy to carry
Performance and DurabilityGridTek technologyKeeps dry and comfortable during intense activities
FunctionalityDraws moisture away from the bodyIdeal for maintaining comfort in active settings

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with the hoodie, commending its blend of quality materials, comfort, and practical design. The hoodie’s ability to block wind and moisture, combined with its lightweight yet warm construction, has made it a favored choice for various activities, from casual outings to more demanding outdoor adventures.

The versatility and functionality of the hoodie are consistently highlighted in customer reviews.

However, some customers minorly critique the snug fit around the forearms, particularly when layering, which may be a consideration for those with larger arms or prefer a more relaxed fit. Despite this, the overall response remains overwhelmingly positive, with the hoodie’s performance in cold weather and its quality construction earning particular praise.

Additionally, the brand’s customer service, especially the ease of the exchange process, has been recognized as indicative of its commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Born Primitive Sentry Full Zip Hoodie is appreciated for its quality, comfort, and functionality. Their focus on customer satisfaction further enhances its appeal.


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