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Born Primitive Versatile Shorts

Born Primitive Versatile Shorts w/ Compression: Product Spotlight

Born Primitive Versatile Shorts w/ Compression: $70

These athletic shorts are crafted from a blend of 88% polyester and 12% spandex, ensuring a balance between lightweight comfort and moderate elasticity for enhanced mobility. The built-in compression shorts, made from 75% nylon and 25% spandex, offer added support without compromising comfort.

Key features include a secure elastic waistband with an adjustable drawstring, two front pockets, and a discreet zippered pocket on the back for safely storing valuables. The 9″ inseam length is tailored to provide a fit just above the knee, suitable for a wide range of activities from gym workouts to outdoor adventures.

The shorts utilize a perforMAX fabric known for its lightweight, quick-drying properties and 4-way stretch capability. This fabric selection underscores the shorts’ all-purpose design, catering to an active lifestyle, whether it involves hitting the gym, running trails, or participating in water sports.

Versatile Shorts Features & Benefits

Design and Style7-inch inseamOptimal for mobility and coverage
Material and ComfortBuilt-in compression linerSuperior support and comfort during physical activities
Fit and SizingAvailable in sizes S to XXXLCatering to a diverse range of body types
Performance and DurabilityDurable constructionSuitable for frequent and intense physical activities
FunctionalityIdeal for a variety of physical activitiesVersatile and practical for multiple sports and exercises

Customer Reviews

Customers commend the shorts’ exceptional fit, premium material, and well-considered design. The wide waistband and built-in compression liner are praised for enhancing comfort during leg-intensive exercises, making these shorts a favored option for individuals with athletic physiques.

Including a phone pocket within the lining is highlighted as a practical feature, enhancing the shorts’ utility during various activities such as strength training and cardio.

Feedback also emphasizes that the shorts are suitable for tall individuals, with a customer noting the 9″ inseam as perfect for someone 6’1″ tall. The durability of the construction, including the zipper quality, is acknowledged as surpassing that of competing brands.

The compression level is appreciated for offering ample support while allowing free movement, marking the shorts as ideal for indoor gym sessions and outdoor activities.

Born Primitive shorts are highly recommended for their quality, versatility, and thoughtful features. They are celebrated for accommodating a range of body types and for their suitability across various physical activities.


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